We're having a rummage sale!!

We’ve cleared over $600 since last night in our rummage sale, --any Milwaukee dopers can check us out at 60th and Coldspring. The secret doper password is, “You got any Dopasaurases?”
I’ve secretly been adding extra tequilla to my margaritas, lots. Good times!
Plus, it’s a 100 degrees out and if feels like we’re on the friggin’ equator.
Man it’s hot!

How’s your weekend going?

So what is the going rate for rummage these days?

Come find out. I’ve got booze…

Actually, our big ticket items are mostly gone, we’re in cruise control right now.

Well, if I left right now, I could prolly make Wisconsin sometime tommorrow morning, and I’d have to be back home in time for a meeting at 10:00 on Monday. Not much time for sleeping, drinking, or socializing. Think I’ll hafta ask for a raincheck. But thanks for the invite.

And probably feels hotter than it actually is, unless you’re also drinking sufficient water. Alcohol is hypotonic:)

I’m in the shade and drinking lots of crushed ice (with tequilla mixed in) for good measure. I’ve got a natural raspberry crop, which has been flavoring the drinks so far.

$839.90 and counting…

I can change the hell out of a $20, but I can’t for the life of me type a sentance in less than 20 minutes.