We're (hic) #1 (hic) in Denver (errrrp)


That’sh right folks. You allllll are bunch of pansy pansyweights. We arrrre the drunkesht of the land… hey… you lookin at me? You wanna start sumptin? thatsh wut I thoudght… ohhh, nicshe rack, wanna dance babeee, cum on wuts the probum , scruw you prubibly a whore anyway, ahhh crapp, I gotta take a pishh.

And yet we still manage to be one of the healthiest cities around, Hehe.

Denver is the home of these guys who probably contribute a lot to the stats.

So if Denver had a significantly higher enforcement rate, resulting in more DUIs, the effect would be that their score would be worse than otherwise. Seems like a perverse effect. My experience is that Denver is orders of magnitude more strict about such things than are the cops of The Big Easy.

The news report I heard on the radio about this referred to the findings as “sobering” :smiley:

(hic) Denber? heck, I din’t even half to go out of my onw town to (hic) out of my own toun to (hic) to get to where I’m at (burp)

But I hope (hic) hope your’e havin phun!