We're in 13, 539th place!

I came across a cute little site called www.Alexa.com that ranks websites according to total traffic.

Being a narcissist at work, the first thing I did was check out the company sites. One clocks in at about 160,000th place world wide, while the other is closer to 1000.

Then I did the Dope-- 13, 539th place at the moment. Seems our biggest spike for single day traffic was last October or thereabouts.

I can’t be sure, but there is a source called Alexa out there that fills your computer with ad spyware.

Better run Ad-Aware on your system after visiting there. I found Alexa addresses all over spyware I deleted from my system.

Had to be the LOTR’s thread…:smiley:

Woohoo! Fathom.org is 103,261
Not too shabby :smiley:

Yes, but if that thread had been written by someone else, would it have gotten so much traffic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember when Metatus accused of stealing content? They barely even chart. They’re way down at 323,502! Ha!

Only 31% of those who visit the main page make it to the SDMB? Wow.

Probably a good thing, too.

Pretty neat site, Barbarian. My employer (a university)'s site is 255,379. One of my favorite sites, CricInfo, was in the top 1000 at 966th!

OK, I must be really stupid, but where can you find the traffic rankings?



I used to have the Alexa toolbar on my browser but I don’t anymore.


Interesting: Traffic Rank for alexa.com: No Data

Whoa, www.homestarrunner.com is 3,708. Cool.

wow, fark ranks in the top 2000

I must admit to being amused that Neopets is rated higher than the Washington Post.

Ha! My employer (a college) is 50,983.

How is this determined? If, say, I log onto the SD 3 times in one day, will it count that as 3 people or 1?

If I’m schizophrenic and log on once, does that count per personality or how many times I hit the enter button as my inner beings fight for control?


Well, my university’s web page www.uidaho.edu rates number 16,378 on the list.

Wow. My Web site is at 97,692 for today.

When you think of how big the whole www is 13,539 isn’t all that bad!