First Open Ranking of the World Wide Web

The Laboratory for Web Algorithmics of the Università degli studi di Milano together with the Data and Web Science Group of the University of Mannheim have put together the first entirely open ranking of more than 100 million sites of the Web.
The number one site is YouTube, the second Wikipedia, and the third Twitter

I checked my website which doesn’t have a ranking in Alexa and found my site ranks higher than 73 million sites–with less than 27 million sites ranking higher than mine! is 4209, to save everyone else from checking. Weirdly, though, is 1373765. No idea how that works.

Woohoo! My site is 241,548 - which, out of 101,717,775 items, places it in the top one quarter of one percent!

Interesting (to me anyway) #1 thru #4, sure, who hasn’t heard of them? But at #5 is Um, sorry, never heard of it? (And no, I don’t require someone to jump in here and explain it to me. I’m just observing…)

Wordpress is a blogging platform - a significant number of personal and small business blogs are hosted on it (so although it’s one domain name, it’s not really one website)

And who goes on CreativeCommons?
I think It’s there just because a lot of sites linked to it.

More than likely - this ranking is based on inbound link scoring - and anyone who publishes stuff asserting a CC licence (which is a lot), will include links to CreativeCommons

So what’s “Global Multimedia Protocols Group”? It’s at 23 overall, and number one for PageRank.

My website is… not there.

I’m invisible!

(And I use Creative Commons a lot, when I’m looking for pictures to use freely in projects.)

Yay! I’m #1,588,257 :slight_smile:

Apparently they go in for “Connecting people through incremental simplicity.” :confused:

And they get a better PageRank than Google itself.

Mind you, so does :confused:

… nm …

Which explains the SD’s ranking versus the MB. It seems that around half of the SD’s articles are linked to from Wikipedia which probably increases the SD’s rank a lot from just that one link.

When I want to engage my brain, I come here. When I want some dumb laughs, I frequent They came in at 4275. I am happy, but surprised, that the SD ranks higher. Faith in humanity made a slight uptick today…:slight_smile:

Well, they are two completely different sites.

I am surprised I did not see any porn sites in the top 50. That wouldn’t have been true 10 years ago.

In terms of inbound links? I think it might have been. This isn’t about traffic.

The other thing is, does any single porn site really dominate? There are many porn sites. I wouldn’t even want to guess how many. And while porn in general is clearly high on the list of most hit categories, those hits are diffused over many, many different sites. So I’m not surprised no single porn site is particularly high.

Wow, my domain is in the 80,000 range. Is that good or bad?

Unless you’re trying to hide from the rest of the web, it’s pretty good. - you’re in the top 1/10th of 1 percent in the ranking.