We're rather disappointed with The Inside

Hubby and I watched the second and third episodes, then deleted the Season Pass. It’s boring. The main characters are lifeless and I don’t care about them. The plot seems to be “how do we get Rebecca to relive her abduction this week?”

I’m disappointed, since I expected something good from Minear, and I love Adam Baldwin. Unfortunately, he and the redhead are the only marginally interesting features of the show. Should have made a show based around them instead.

At least there is Mythbusters to fill my Wednesday nights.

…Should have stayed with it for the 4 th episode. It’s the first one to not use ‘Rebecca as victim’. It’s a pretty good episode.

And yes, considering this show is closely related to Buffy and Angel, the characters are uninteresting and the dialogue unremarkable which is disappointing.

I really wanted to like it, too, but I’ve given up on it after the first 4 eps. (although the 4th was the least sucky). To me, it feels like a 2nd-rate, exposition heavy Silence of the Lambs knock-off.

I think the major problem for me is the chemistry between Agent Starl…I mean Locke and her partner. He’s supposed to be the voice of conscience but, instead, he comes off as a self-righteous whiner. Rebecca is probably intended to be a bit of a cypher but she comes off flat, instead. This is probably because her history was revealed too early so whatever aura of mystery they’re trying to maintain has been partly blown right from the start.

Regardless, the combination of the two of them really annoys the crap out of me. Sigh…I’d really expected better from Minear.

I think they should meld this show with that celebrity dishfest The Insider, resulting in a show where Pat O’Brien attempts to track down Angelina Jolie for the scoop on her new movie while he deals with his horrific abduction many years before.

Adam Baldwin could stand and read from the phone book and I would still watch. Unfortunately, he might as well be reading from the phone book in this show. They sure haven’t done much with him. But I am still watching.

I haven’t been able to follow it at all because I found it so dull. I’d be distracted by other things and then try to pay attention again and see something really stupid. The last episode I paid attention to was the one with the S&M serial killer. When the girl (Locke?) went over to the suspect’s apartment by herself and let herself be handcuffed before freaking out and blacking out I decided that would be the last show I watched. That was just inordinately stupid and anyone in law enforcement who’s that dumb wouldn’t last very long.

I discovered that Dancing With the Stars is actually much more interesting and the characters much less stupid.

Funny, I like it. Sure it’s due some of the criticism offered here, but in general I like the darker themes. I have to admit I probably woudn’t watch if I didn’t get to drool over Rachel Nichols for the hour. I find her distractingly hot.

Don’t get attached to it. The network hasn’t picked it up for a full run. Tim Minnear says that means it is all but cancelled. That’s going to make the panel discussion at Comic-Con rather…interesting, I would think. :smiley:

It was good to see Jayne for a few more episodes. :smiley:

Yes, I mean Jayne. Not just Adam Baldwin. His character on this show is so obviously Jayne in a suit that my husband and I regularly remark “High-larious” or “I’ll be in mah bunk” after every scene he’s in. Not really Baldwin’s fault, I don’t think. He’s played countless other non-Jayne characters well. I think the writers were so fond of Jayne, they gave him a new show.

That bit with the kid and the toy gun in the last ep was priceless. Très drôle. And très Jayne.

It’s a shame, because they had some elements that could have added up to a compelling show. I too love Adam Baldwin, but I would much rather watch my Firefly collection than suffer through the rest of the show just for him. (On preview, yeah, he really is just Jayne on the other side of the law, which would be fine with me if the rest of the show was better.)

I think perhaps in addition to the writing, the casting for the two leads may have hampered them: a model whose only acting credit is Dumb and Dumberer, and the guy from the atrocious Americanization of Coupling.

In fact, the network has specifically declined to exercise its option on the actors’ contracts. The show is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

He’s in the show? I’m being serious, I watched 1 & 1/2 of the first two episodes, and didn’t manage to notice him…they’re obviously doing a lot with him.

Sometimes you have to use freeze-frame to notice Adam Baldwin in this show. It baffles me that they would hire such a charismatic actor and then just ignore him.

It looks like a “Rebecca ditches her backup” sequence would have become a hallmark of the show (had it lived).

I’ve been watching it in spite of the flaws. It seems like the “Thief of Hearts” episode and the teaser for next week’s episode are the first real signs of life, to me. They actually had Paul’s baby die? Kind of bold. Does Webb have a latent serial killer impulse? Is he, in fact, really going full-out evil from here on out? Not expected. Were these episodes written and filmed after it became apparent that the show would not be renewed, and if so, are they attempting to bring everything to a quick resolution? Maybe lots of deaths and a final showdown with Webb and Locke? Are they going to try to swing some absurd twist and say that Webb was Locke’s real abductor or something? Why do I care? How many questions can I ask? Who knows?

They were finishing filming the last one when the first premiered. Looks like Minear is learning to finish a story cycle before the plug is pulled.