"We're the Nitecaps, Nitey-Nitecaps!"- anyone remember this?

I vaguely recalled, in the mid-1970s, while I was in Jr High, occasionally hearing a late-night radio call-in show called “Nightcaps”- it focused on an older audience and prohibited controversial religious & political topics. Rather, it was like a nationwide neighborhood-chat, in which people had pleasant discussions about family, friends, pets, recipes, etc. It was kinda boring but kinda sweet & I only heard it a few times but the theme song stuck in my head all these years.

Occasionally, over the past eight years of being online, I’ve searched for info on it to no avail. Well, this Saturday, I found it!


I figured I must have heard it on WHAS 840 AM out of Louisville, between 1974-1977, but what I read on the site was exactly as I remembered, including that theme song which I have now been singing since Saturday, much to the “delight” of friends, family & co-workers.

So does anyone have any memories of this masterwork of Herb Jepko (the host)?