Werewolf Mini Mafia

On the moors of the Dope (moors? just go with it!), winds blow, rains…rain, and at night, a moaning noise emanates that isn’t getting better with time. Awooo, werewolves of the Straight Dope.

Of the thirteen townspeople in this godforsaken little town, some unknown number are werewolves. Every day, the townies gather at town hall and attempt to snuff out werewolves by any means possible–sprinkling wolfsbane and seeing who sneezes, by seeing who flinches at the garrish array of silver bullets in the town arsenal and of course by noting who wears gloves to hide the tell-tale hairs sprouting on the palms, customary to werewolves (and those who know the value of self-love).


Every day (which will last three days beginning and ending at 5 PM Eastern), the people of the town will discuss who is a wolf. At the end of the day, whoever garners the most vote is lynched and their role revealed on death.

At night, werewolves kill a town member.

Alignments are revealed upon death.

Vote in blue/bold and unvote in bold/red. In the case of a tie, there’s a no lynch. And there’s no obligation to vote to lynch–you always have the option to vote against lynching anyone at all.

Win conditions:

Town: Town wins when all threats to town are dead.
Scum–Scum wins when they control the vote.

JSexton has agreed to co-mod with me, graciously. This is the first game I’m running. I’d like to give special preference to newbies or to those who haven’t played many games. Veterans are welcome, too, if not that many newbies are around/want to play.

Thanks and enjoy!

/ in

Sign me up!

I don’t think I should play 2 Mafias at the same time. Sorry, FS.

I’m up for a mini!


I’d love to play. This will be my first mafia.

I’ve just finished reading the Inblourious Gasterds Mafia from start to (what may be an unfortunate) finish and have been lurking on the Screamers Mafia too…


  1. Mahaloth
  2. Cucuy
  3. GuiriEnEspaña

Come on folks, sign up!

/me peeks in

oh, Mafia… yeah… uhm… oh yeah, that was the game where I was posting all the time, because I didnt have anything better to do…


Seriously, what are the time constraints here? That is, what makes it a mini exactly?

Well, it’s smaller than the others, and it seems like it’s on a smaller time scale than the other games.

Fewer players. Minis are usually more straightforward. A cop and doc on the town side and maybe an alpha for scum or some variation thereof. Nothing too confusing or swingy. It’s a good chance for newbs to hone their scumspotting skills.

Note the order I am doing this in.

  1. I have a job now. As I actually have somewhere to be from 8-4 now, Expect the Meeko content here to be greatly reduced.

It is important to cover my lowered activity base, before I cover item number 2.


Sometimes minis have 3 Cops, 4 Millers, 1 Godfather, and 1 Goon.

Since I’m probably about to die in the other one, /in.

That having been said, put me toward the bottom of the list.

  1. Mahaloth
  2. Cucuy
  3. GuiriEnEspaña
  4. Meeko
  5. Drain Bead

tempted… but with the holidays taking up my weekends for a while yet, I don’t have the time for a Mafiascum game, mini or otherwise.

Although Gasterds Mafia appears to have lived up to its name.

Indeed, it did.

Anyway, step up, folks! I’m really excited about running this game!


If you pay me 2 dollars, can I have my name in orange?

I guess my fate over on Conspiracy 3 is well known as well.

And I thought that my role over there suited me perfectly. I picked that role specifically.

I’m assuming that’s if DB has to pull out–so someone else can take that spot.