West coast ggurl.

Hey everyone, whomever might know who I am and even those who don’t:

There is a reason that I have not been online for about eight weeks. I realize that with my pathetic post count (700 or something?) , probably no one knows who I am. However, that does not deter me from trying to express my life story here on the Boards.

My daughter and I lived a quiet (pathetic), peaceful (slowly-developing insanity) existence in rural Ohio, where my liberalness and counterculturality was deeply sublimated. A relationship with the wrong man went horribly, horribly South. Yet I still managed to live in the same house, as a RENTER.

THEN, On Mother’s Day, 2005, I got a strange phone call at my parents’ house and yes, it was the long-unheard voice of my kid’s father (D), with whom I hadn’t spoken in over fourteen years. Although D had paid child support continuously for three years or so, there was no phone contact. My fault: I was always unlisted.

Having maintained a long stretch of continuous forgiveness, I was extremely friendly and excited. Our long-lost hero was also very nice. Phone conversations ensued, perhaps weekly. My daughter finally got to talk to him. Every phone call made me more and more sure that this was not only an important (crucial) person to our kid, he was also an important and maybe crucial person to me. Our conversations were hilarious and deep.

Plans were made for a visit. I took two weeks off work. I drove my kid across the United States in three days and just about drove myself and her insane. Finally we made it to Eugene, late one night.

The rest is pretty simple to tell, although actually living through the process was a complicated, sometimes bizarre ordeal - We moved here. I quit my job in Ohio, got a new one here, the three of us rented a house together and here we are. I’ve (re)met my soulmate and am finding out what “happily ever after” is actually like (it’s a lot harder than they make it out to be, but also more hilarious and fun). I just wanted to let you guys know, and if there are any Eugene people who are Dopers, email me!

There is more to the story, but I wanted to get the basic picture out here on the Dope in case anyone was interested.

I am so hApPy!!1!11!!!

That’s great. Happy for you.

You might want to ask a friendly moderator to replace your ex’s name with “D” in the sixth paragraph. I assume you used the pseudonym in the rest of the post because you didn’t want us to know the name.

Or, alternatively, I could master the skill of reading and realize that it’s a place name, not the name of your ex-ex. Sorry. Oh, and some more congrats.

Yay! Glad to see things are looking up for you. That’s terrific news!

Good luck to all three of you.