West Virginia Loses!

Now my hopes for a Rutgers Orange Bowl bid have gone way up. They still have to win next week in Morgantown.

What a sucky game! As a WVU grad, let me just say that if the Mountaineers play against Rutgers like they did against USF today, Rutgers has every right to an Orange Bowl bid.

(But I’m still rooting for the Mounties next week. :slight_smile: )

No offense but I hope you are right. I’m looking at this year to be the one that turns Rutgers into the football school they deserve to be. Getting into a BCS bowl would go a long way towards that. Of course if Scianno gets lured away to the Miami job like it looks like they are trying to do, it’s back to the drawing board.

Everything in college football ebbs and flows. I am of the era when the only thing WVU fans hoped for was to beat Pitt and/or Penn State, and such victories were highly unlikely.

So, I’ll root for WVU next weekend, but if Rutgers prevails, more power to 'em. I’ll root for Rutgers in whatever bowl they end up in. If Rutgers bolsters the reputation of the Big East, it’s all good.

As a Louisville alumnus, so am I.

Sorry to comment on my own post. Scianno is saying he is staying. I wish his statement was a bit more strongly worded.

Heh, they play football in NJ and WV? Well, how aboot that then.

Yeah who would have thought. Its not like New Jersey is the birthplace of intercollegiate football ,right?