Western LongIsland LGBTQIAetc group

If you live in western Long Island (or in Queens or Brooklyn) and would like to join an LGTQIA social group that would be meeting for dinner approx once a month, my friend Liz and I are trying to pull one together.

Facebook and other online groups are fine for what they are, but it’s really not the same as hanging out in person and being able to react to what someone across the table said in realtime and have others chime in immediately afterward, you know?

It’s to be a queer group, loosely unspecified. It’s a resurrection of a group that dwindled to nothing about 3 years ago. (People moved or became involved in projects; Liz was the organizer and didn’t have time and headspace to seek new people at that particular moment).

Reply here or ping me backchannel via PM or email me at ahunter3@earthlink.net

I’m guessing this was meant for MPSIMS. Moving there from CS.