Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2009

Anybody else watching, or did I miss the thread? I know it’s night two, but they’re showing my favorites now - the sporting group. Rooting for a Gordon Setter, as ever, but I’m sure they’ll give it to a small dog or a breed I’ve never heard of. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you see the Terrier judge excuse two dogs from the ring because of a conflict of interest with the handlers? I’ve been watching the WKC show for decades and I’ve never seen that.

This year I met and had a 2-hour conversation with the person who judged all three sizes of poodle.


I missed that, actually…

Wow, they gave best in group to that little thing? I don’t get it.

And 10 years old! Marley - Aren’t you in NYC? Have you ever been to the show. I’d so love to go some year.

Pedigree is trying to break my heart again. THe 6 dogs on my floor are telling me I’ve done my part.

I miss Joe Garragiola.


I think I looked at tickets last year and was surprised how expensive they are. But one of these years I’d like to give that a try.

How expensive are we talking about?

I thought it was on the order of $100.

Got it on the DVR. As soon as I get access to the TV I’ll watch it (with a wife and two kids, it sometimes takes a while)

I wish they’d pay more attention to the spitz breeds, especially the Elkhound and Eskimo.

Haven’t watched it yet but twenty bucks says a poodle of some sort makes it to the Best in Show…again…What the hell is it about poodles??

Is that $100 for all the judging, including the breeds? For both days? Because I’d pay that. But staying in NY is very expensive and I don’t know where I"d have to go.


I was rooting for the Standard Poodle in the Best in Show competition. My family used to have the sweetest Poodle in the world, named Ponch. I’ve always wanted to go to Westminster, but I’ll settle for the next best thing when the International Kennel Club dog show in Chicago comes in a couple weeks.

Aagh! I forgot about the show.

What breed won? I have a weakness for saggy dogs, like the Bassett Hound or Bloodhound.

I haven’t watched since Fred Willard stopped commentating.

I love poodles just fine but it gets kinda old having them win their groups over and over and over again :\

A sussex spaniel! Ten years old! Oldest Best in Show ever!

Thanks,** AngelSoft**, those are nice dogs too!

I really don’t remember, but I thought it was for one day. There may be cheaper options, though. We’ll just have to look ahead of time next year.

Beautiful dogs all. But it really confounds me when they say a particular dog is so “awesome.”

Like the little Brussels Griffon. Cute dog - looked really healthy. But how they could say it was head and shoulders above all the other B-G’s, not to mention all of the other Toys, and all the other Best-of-Groups.

They were really talking up the schnauzer as well. Again, beautiful dog. But there were several beautiful dogs in all fo the groups I saw last night. Makes me wonder how much they are influenced by group-think and reputation.

I’m glad the Sussex won, as I am partial to Sporting dogs. But I really disliked the commentator’s explanation why no golden or lab has every won BIS. He said something like, “It is just a matter of numbers - there have been 133 shows and 170 different breeds.” Well, if that is the case, why the fuck have poodles and schnauzers won multiple times?

Poodles are such wonderful and beautiful dogs. Grooming them like that standard should be a crime.

Looking forward to the IKC in Chicago later this month.

Good for Stump. He’s ten years old and apparently overcame a bad illness a few years ago. The crowd absolutely loved him.

Sorry to the poodle lovers out there, but the way they are groomed for these shows only makes me want to kick them.

I always get a kick out of the Pekingese. They look like characters from a *Star Wars *movie.

Dinsdale - I thought of you when I saw that sweet Golden.

I saw a Standard Poodle with a corded coat at the last dogshow I went to. He still had the traditional shaved areas, but instead of poofy he was corded like a puli.


Anyone else take issue with their repeated description of their competition as a “sport”?

Would they consider the Miss America contest to be a sport?

(And yeah, I was down on the carpet like a total idiot, telling Clover and Buster to look at the pretty golden …)

How about that scotty taking a leak when he was introduced.
Not a professional move!