We've adopted a stray cat...another name suggestion thread

Okay, so the fiancé and I have been cat-shopping for a companion for Inigo the Giant, our big black kitty who loves other cats. Since moving into the house, we’ve finally had more room to accommodate a companion and visited a shelter…but nothing was there.

Instead, a cat found us…an 8-month old kitten that had been hanging around a friend’s neighborhood presumably most of her life was just too adorable to leave on the street. (Our friend did confirm that she didn’t belong to anyone.) She’s been in for her shots, and just got back from getting spayed today.

Problem: What do we name her? Description: She’s tiny, about 6 1/2 pounds, black, with white on her chest and adorable little white feet. She has a has a black face, but white whiskers. Her eyes are greenish-yellow. Personality: Very friendly, very affectionate, and a bit more vocal than her giant (he’s 15lbs) pal.

Ideas we’ve had: Mija (Spanish term of endearment), Karma, and uhh…Kitty. Help! We’ve had tons of ideas, but just nothing that FITS.

Y’all did such a fine job naming Cornelius, the class pet corn snake…how about this little feline street urchin?

I think Ruffian fits very well, seeing as how it’s a street urchin lil’ kitty… or Dogma. I’m partial to Dogma. :wink:

Ok, its a girl kitty. But, still when you have an Inigo around, you certainly need a Fezzik to rhyme with him.

It’s interesting you’re giant cat is named Inigo. If he was Fezzig, I would have suggest Inigo, but that won’t work now. What about Buttercup? I’m not sure it fits a black and white cat, but I watched the Princess Bride again last night for the 100th time or so, and I have it stuck in my head.



When I was younger I named my pets after foods. I had a dog named Popcorn, a cat named Butterscotch and a bird named Blueberry. I’m not sure if you want to go on that path though. Now I name my pets after composers and names of music and music terms. I’ve had a kitten named Wolfgang and my most recent furball of joy is Handel. I’m waiting for just the right animal to name Brandenburg or Tchaikovsky (Ty for short). Let’s see, I also like Presto, Allegro (or Allegra for a most feminine form), Symphony, Jubilate, Forte, and Dolce.

Of course you could always go for a more traditional name like Bootsie (because of her while feet) or Lucky (because she’s so lucky to have found such loving owners).

Good Luck. :slight_smile:

Allegra wouldn’t quite work, 'cause that’s the allergy medicine I’m on. :slight_smile:

As for Inigo…well, he is huge, but he’s not bumbling and dumb like Fezzik. That, and the fiancé liked the name Inigo better than Fezzik (I settled for naming the huge catfish in my aquarium Fezzik). Besides, to be comparable to the giant in the film, my Inigo would need to be a 20 pounder.

Buttercup was an idea, but it just doesn’t fit her. The only other named female character from The Princess Bride is Valerie, Miracle Max’s wife…but that just doesn’t fit either. Bleh.

Another aspect of new kitty’s personality: She’s psycho about food. Being that she was a stray and had to scrape her meals together, she goes nuts for food…a piece of popcorn on the floor is gulped, she’s been chased out of the trash a few times, and she twice got the partial omelet left over from dinner out of the sink. When we feed her, she bolts for the food dish and eats like there’s no tomorrow…particularly the canned stuff. She then sits and growls if you touch her while she’s eating (she’s all bark, no bite though…doesn’t do anything more than growl), and makes all kinds of pathetic, desperate sounds if you hold her when she REALLY wants to get to that food dish you’re so cruelly keeping her from.

Thanks for the suggestions so far–keep 'em coming! :smiley:

How about Espere?

How about Oprah? Sorry, Oprah, please don’t sue me. hehehe

Outside Kitty?

well, after all the help I recieved on a similar post recently, just had to chip in on this one!

first thing that popped to mind (relating to the trash-bin comment) was Oscar (as in the grouch), but that doesn’t really fit, and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the female grouch (actually, I’m an avid Sesame Street fan, I just don’t want to come out of the closer just yet).

then I was pondering her nomadic childhood, …, and came up with nothing, but I’m sure it’s an avenue of thought

damn, now I’ve got the tune ‘The wanderer’ in my mind, it’s goin around and 'round and 'round …

sorry I wasn’t more of a help!!!

Hey, any and all help is appreciated. We’re still drawing blanks over here.

Oprah is funny…but um…no. :wink: “Espere”…hope? That’s nice, but doesn’t click. Ugh.

We’ve brainstormed a few others…“Cufflink” was one we rather liked, but it seems male. This is where I wonder about borrowing from a movie; “Rimshot” was a funny name.

And right now, my hands smell like canned cat food.

Actually, Espere is a character in a novel.

How about Eriele?

Well, my parents used to have a dog that they found on their front doorstep. They named her Hobo.

The white feet reminded me of a painter; like she dipped the feet in paint. That reminded me of a female painter that I really like: Frida Kahlo. Her work was just sooo… passionate. Kahlo is a pretty cool name.

Spats - because of the white feet. People used to wear white shoe covers called spats.

Names I just like:


How about Mina? I just like it, I think it’s a fairly common girl’s name in czech or somewhere. If the cat gets aggressive, you can call her Meanie. Heh.

Madeline also rings bells. Jane. Helen. (Can you tell I like dignified names for cats, especially females?)

I’m the last person to ask; it took us weeks (and input from the board, and my officemates) to name our latest cat. In the end, we were watching My Fair Lady and the husband suggested Higgins. Higgins it is.

I had a cat years back named Karma, looked just like a stray who had died we called Squirrel Cat (big bushy tail). If this little one has any such forebearer…

My sister has a cat named Heresy, the fish was Dogma (religion major, go figure).

My current beast is an adoptee, and had the binge habit for a while. VERY friendly. Scooter is the name.

But more to the point, The Dread Pirate Roberts was a wanderer who settled down, wore black, was friendly and fiesty, had street smarts, and was smaller than most of the characters.

Zumba is the best cat name around. (pronounced Zoom-ba please!)

How about Splash, for the white on her chest. Or Mabel, from Mad About You. Or Punkin. Or Delilah. Angelique? I don’t know. I had a cat named Squirt when I was a kid, 'cos he was the runt and very tiny.