Help me name my kitten

I have a brand new feline overlord and she needs a name. Due to my life getting quite fucked up recently my brain is not working so I need your help*.
Here she is:

So far I have Mystery, “Cute”, Cookie and Muffin

*And the distraction sure as buggery wont hurt either

What’s her personality like? Is she an ‘in your face’ kitten, full of bravado and attitude? Or is she more laid back?

adventure seeker but happy to run back to mommy when the nasty meany rabbit looks at her the wrong way

Her name might be Dotty.

If you feel like playing with languages, the Spanish for muffin is magdalena or madalena, after Mary Magdalene (she cried for the Crucified and they “cry” after being dunked in milk).

I am wondering about something Dr Who based. It appears she has a Tardis tummy

Aww…and you could call her Maggie for short. And sing Rod Stewart songs to her. :smiley:

The naming of cats is a difficult matter. It isn’t just one of your holiday games. :wink:


I’m sticking with my vote for Cookie. I could just nibble her, the cutey that she is :wink:


Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds

Novice Hame? Brannigan?

Aster jumped out at me. :slight_smile:

She looks like a “Denise” to me.

She is adorable!

SInce you are the Madrabbitwoman, how about Bunny?

Atilla. Cute cat.

(… can’t come up with anything due to brain short-circuit from cute overload …)

However, as with most tabbies, she comes with her own initial on her forehead, so I vote for one of the “M–” names.

Some neighborhood cat names:

Kitty Kitty


Penelope… maybe Penny for short.

A cousin-in-law just got a new kitty herself. Their favorite cat had just up and died suddenly, her father-in-law is in hospice, and it’s nearing the one-year anniversaries of the deaths of both her aunt and father a few weeks apart.

They named her Hope.