What a boob

That refers to both Jasmine Tridevil & her chest; the chest that now has three (3), count 'em one, two, three breasts!

Really, more than 50 docs? That’s perseverance!

Methinks this might backfire. Guys, do you want to date a girl with two cleavages?

Snopes reports this is “Undetermined”.

Are you sure she’s not Eccentrica Gallumbits?

I don’t believe it’s real. The story is far too sketchy. And surely it’s not even medically possible to lop off enough skin for a graft to make a breast? I doubt the shadiest of surgeons would consent, even if it were possible.

Even if it was true, I guess she would have succeeded in her goal. I sure wouldn’t want anything to do with that woman.

Please. It’s not like this is Eroticon Six.

Without knowing if it’s true or not, 21 seems awfully young to be making such a drastic change that would be with her for her whole life.

If only there was some easier way to achieve the same thing.

Coincidentally, three is what I’m rating this story on a believability scale of one to ten.

“Jasmine Tridevil”?

I realize that one probably sourced it to the wire & others ran with it w/o checking it themselves but there are numerous legitimate news agencies running this story.

I find it interesting that a person with the last name of Tridevil has 3 boobs. Yeah, it was destiny. :dubious:

The article does say it’s a pseudonym.

And it’s not like there aren’t guys out there that are into this kind of thing.

If it’s real, I think she’s going to find that a lot of guys are into that kind of thing.

It reminds me of Married…With Children. Al Bundy said the perfect woman with have three breasts. One on the back for slow dancing.

And I thought I had trouble buying bras…

Then I sure hope there’s no poor little girl out there whose parents thought it would be clever to name her Artemis of Ephesus.

Sure it’s possible - doctors reconstruct TWO breasts all the time for women who have undergone double mastectomy. It can be a rather involved process but it certainly is possible.

Fair enough. I did not know that.

I still think it’s bunk tho.

Surely it should be one on the back, for dancing.

This is encouraging, I’ve been looking all over for a doctor who can give me a 3rd moob.

I heard on the radio that her true motive was to snag a reality T.V. show. :rolleyes:

Who was the surgeon? Michael Kamrava?