What a sorry bunch of Republicans running for AZ Senate seat

Kelli Ward is basically accusing McCain of dying to hurt her campaign. Sick.

Martha McSally: Yet another Trump lickspittle. Build the wall. Already playing the protesting a war = disrespecting the troops card. Her campaign ads already want to make me vomit.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Nuff’ said.

Remember, you can’t spell “CRAZY” without “R-AZ”.


Kelli Ward wins worst of the bunch. I’m still astounded by the sheer gall of her accusation that he timed his death to mess with her campaign. Yes, it’s all about you. Whiner.

Whichever one wins the primary, I’m sure that by election day I will have suffered through so many Republican attack ads that it will be you can’t spell DAZED without D-AZ…

And when she’s competing against Joe Arpaio, that says something.

If I were a conspiracy minded person, I would think that Ward said what she said to make the front-runner (McSally) look better by comparison.

Stealing this one, for sure.

There are going to be *two *new AZ Senators. The runners-up will be top candidates to be named to McCain’s seat.

The governor is going to piss off a lot of people no matter what he does. Well, too damn bad, that’s the job, buddy.

I complained a couple weeks ago in the Mueller thread about the Senate candidates the Republicans were serving up. It was making my cunning plan for voting for the least harmful R in the primary impossible. I wound up voting for a write-in candidate.

Just a few more steps, DD, and you can be with us! Tables all set, beer and ice tea cold, cookies fresh from the oven. Don’t worry if you don’t like us, we don’t like each other all that much anyway.

Hey now. I think we’re a fun bunch.

Well, maybe in Oregon. You guys got real beer yet, or still drinking that stuff that makes Coors look good?

Assuming ‘us’ means D, I could have requested a Democrat ballot for the primary but I didn’t see the point. There were other contested races on the Republican ballot that I had little trouble in down voting a Trump lickspittle so it was worth getting – just not for US Senate.

Some years ago when Arpaio was running for the umpteenth time for sheriff I voted for Democrat Dan Saban and even contributed $100 to his campaign, even though there was a Libertarian on the ballot. I’ve never forgiven Arpaio for that. Last time around I voted for the successful Paul Penzone but did not contribute to his better-financed campaign. Since there was no Libertarian to turn my back on, it went down much easier.

Not all Libertarians are Republican-lite; when I was active in the Bay Area, scarcely any were.

I’m waiting for Election Day when we can add the “see ya”.

McSally seems to be the nearest to adulthood of that bunch. Congrats on the win, now go lose in November, please.

Arpaio, will you please disappear now? Or is your future on Fox?

Your point is well taken. But was this before or after so many Republicans bailed to become “independents” and Libertarians?

(I won’t even ask again what “Libertarian” means, I have gotten any number of crisply intelligent answers, of which no two are alike.)

This was some 35 years ago so I’d say before. We had a lot of gay members, folks who couldn’t embrace the sometimes over the top progressiveism rampant among a lot of their peers yet couldn’t feature becoming a Log Cabin Republican, either. In the Central Valley, this kind of member would be pretty scarce.

At a National Convention when we were selecting our presidential candidate, for the first ballot the person announcing the delegates’ votes would declaim the state (Iowa, birthplace of this, first to that…), It was dispensed with for subsequent ballots for saving time but we had a bit of fun that time through. Anyhow, when it was our turn, the State Chair announced, “California, the Monolith–” which got a big laugh from the convention.