What a terrible way to die!

Man Dies in Huge Vat of Chocolate

Is anyone else besides me having a Smothers Brothers moment over this one?

Hey, you got chocolate on my pinhead!

Hey, you got your pinhead in my chocolate!

Good Lord. I’m not sure if this is a hellish way to die (suffocation, drowning, probably), or the ultimate chocolate lovers’ delite.

Preliminary autopsy results indicated the victim had a creamy center. He was pronounced “delicious” at the scene, wrapped in cellophane and shipped to the funeral home, where he will be sprinkled with jimmies prior to the funeral.

I already coveredthis one, over in MPSIMS…

This is kind of like the man who drowned in a vat of beer after 3 hours. It would have taken less time, but he kept getting out for pretzels. [rimshot]

“In his honor, the place on the catwalk from which he fell will be renamed ‘the sweet spot’…”

Sounds like they really need to fill this position.

The cremation took a week and a half.

How’d you like to have that first name??? Wow!

This reminds me of the episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show when the clown died. He was dressed like a giant peanut and got trampled by an elephant. The circumstances were hilarious but it was just wrong to laugh. I’ll burn in hell for trying to think of a joke about a chocolate-covered Yoni. :o

You’ve got to warn everyone and tell them!
Cloud Nine Pure Chocolate Dairy Free Baking Chips is people!
It’s made of people!

If this isn’t the funniest thing I’ve seen in the last five minutes I don’t know what is.

Latest police report: three Oompa-Loompas have been taken in for questioning.

OMG, this is just awful. Imagine his relations, for years to come, having to tell people what happened to their son and waiting for the inevitable stifled snigger. Or perhaps people won’t believe them. It’s like many years ago, when I read about man who was killed by a falling sandcastle. The puns and bad jokes worm their way in despite yourself.

Will his tombstone say ‘Rest in Reese’s Pieces’?

(That was so bad, but it had to be let out).

I was wondering the same thing, QueenAl. I think I might settle for, “He was killed in an on the job accident. It’s too painful to talk about.”

I, too, was overcome with the urge to make jokes and puns upon hearing of the poor guy’s demise. I did try to remember that he probably died painfully, and there are people who are devastated at the moment about his death. But oh, man, those jokes just about eat me up inside.

Well, if I personally ever happen to die in a tragic yet bemusing way, I give permission in advance to joke about it. Heck, I’d be laughing too, if I could.

It’d probably end up on my tombstone, too…

I have to agree with 1kBR Kid. “Chocolate-covered yoni” puts up a good fight here.

I bet this family has eaten their last chocoate easter bunny. Might be kind of hard to bite off an ear after this incident!

I think I’d rather die in a vat of chocolate than be buried alive like those miners. I hope they do rsuce them but time is running out

Tell the truth now…am I the only one that thinks this sounds like the sort of thing that the 60’s TV Batman would rush to investigate?

Yes? Just checking.