What a Wonderful World!

I see fatigues of green, red explosions too
I see them boom for me and you
And I think to myself
What a F***ed up damn world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The Stealth bombers, only fly at night
And I think to myself
What a F***ed up damn world

The colours of the rainbow
So pretty in the sky
Are also in explosions
Of bombs dropped from the sky
I see friends shakin’ hands
Sayin’ “How do you do?”
They’re really saying “Attack at 9:42”

I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
They’ll see more horror than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself What a Fed up damn world
Yes, I think to myself What a F
ed up damn world

Oh yeah
Couple of notes:

Yes, I’m aware that the fatigues aren’t green.

No, I’m not anti-war, indeed I fully support the war in Iraq. However, anytime there is a need to kill because people are incapable of acting humanely it is very sad. My thoughts go out to those in iraq who are caught between a rock and a hard place due to the politics of both America and Iraq. I hope the innocent are kept safe.

Well put. I can’t say I support the war. The US just seems too…happy isn’t the right word, maybe eager over having started this conflict and I wonder how we’d feel if we had to fight this thing on our own soil.