What about things that are supposed to b sexy but are a complete turnoff?.

After reading the previous thread on “things that are sexy but shouldnt be” prompted me to ask eveyone What about things that are supposed to b sexy but are a complete turnoff?.

Besides Prince-style abbreviations like “I would Die 4 U?”

big gold chains on men


men’s shirts unbuttoned real low


driving gloves

asking “Who’s Your Daddy” repeatedly whilst humping

Lipstick in particular, most makeup in general.

Dressing really really skimpy, wearing lots of “seductive” makeup, etc.

Skinny women.

I dislike having my ear licked, nibbled, or sucked on. I guess that’s supposed to be a turn-on for some people, but not me!



Make-up (especially eye shadow)
Skinny women (NO, I don’t want you to look like Allie McBeal)
Big boobs
High heels
Long hair
Cigarette (Ewwwwwwww)

Women touching themselves down there.

Lesbian sex.

Lipstick that goes beyond the lips to make them look bigger. It looks sloppy.

Huge breasts. (I like 'em average sized, I don’t notice them. Guess I’m weird that way.

Huge breasts, huge lips, platinum blonde hair, make-up; basically all the things that can’t help but look artificial.

I’m not a big fan of tattoos on women.


And IMHO most lingerie looks more silly than sexy.

Uma Thurman.

Mud wrestling. A couple of friends and I had a mud fight, and there was a point at which we all looked at each other and said “This should be sexy, but it really isn’t. We’re covered in crap.”

This is a good thread.

The very worst thing is long and/or painted claws (fingernails). Some other turn-offs that are supposed to be sexy are makeup in general, tight clothes, short skirts, bigger-than-average breasts, high-heeled shoes (but boots aren’t so bad), perfume, curly hair (especially permanents), and any hairspray that makes your hair feel like a Brillo pad. Some women seem to think that short hair is sexy, but I find it rarely turns me on.

Any resemblance to a Barbie doll, especially fake tits. Thongs and g-strings.

Fish net stockings. Looks like the local fishermen snagged a couple of eels.

Winking and licking your lips.

Talking in baby voice.

Nice to see some people agree with me.

Long finger nails. Ugh! How do you manage to live with those things?

Massive breasts. Bleufgh!

Overflowing tight clothes. Ack! Are you just too fat or too stupid to buy clothes that fit you? Either way it just looks gross.

Big hair, lots o’ spray. Retch! Will it explode into shrapnel on contact?

Too much makeup. Repulse! You look like a clown, it’s not hiding anything, you look better without it. Take it off.

Jewellery Attack. Gag! Jewellery’s suppose to compliment, not dominate. You look like a cheap supermarket christmas tree. Take it off.

Cigarettes. Hmm! You smell like an ash tray and have lungs like the inside of an oil sump… Sexy, I don’t think!

Being Tall. Uh, Uh! Super model? No thanks! Just means that all the nice things are diluted out over a bigger area. Quality not quantity please.

The “runway model facial expression”. You’ve seen it on the VH-1 Fashion Awards and E!. That “I’m sooo bored” by all of this.

Breast implants.



Wow gotta agree with most of the comments out there. Should’nt “sexy” be on a more individual level? On that note, Bibliophage, short hair on women is sooooooo sexy.:smiley: