What about women's perfumes??

A little on her inner thigh just drived me CRAZY!

Oh Yeh…You ladies want a good one…try Salvadore dali…
Better than a bearded clam to catch your man!

I’ve always liked Dune and Eau D’Issey.

But I can’t stand excessive perfume either. Gives me an instant headache. :slight_smile:

My usual is a spritz from “True Love” by ??? shoot, I just went blank. Some female cosmetics name but they don’t make it anymore which sucks!! It’s a spicy rose scent and I usually don’t like rose but I like this one.

“Lauren” by Ralph Lauren when I’m feeling womanly.

“Nature’s Scent” by a small company here in town that mixes essential oils and such. Store is called “Essential Oils”. A very fresh, clean scent. It’s a perfumed oil so it lasts forever and smells nice all day.

I used to wear “Polo” cause it would remind me of the guy I was dating.

Maybe someone can answer this for me: I absolutely love this perfume that an old friend used to wear. I know it started with a “V” and I think it came in a reddish box.

That one is definitely my favorite.

In high school, I lived by “Anais Anais”. It was signature scent, people knew when I walked into a room.

I didn’t wear much of anything in college, didn’t much care.

Right after college (and into my first real office job) I started wearing Tresor and a bunch of other fancy European scents (my mother went to Europe and bought me a little sampler of 5 famous scents, real perfume!) But after a while, I thought I smelled like an old lady.

Then I got into “Nude”, by Bill Blass. Oh my God! Men just flocked to me when I had this shit on, no kidding! But after 5 years I got sick of it, so last year I tried something new. “Contradiction” by CK. I really like it and now can’t wear Nude (it smells like poo poo in comparison).

Some other days, if I’m just lounging around, I’ll either stay Lever 2000 clean or spritz some Pear scented body mist.

I wear Obsession in the winter, and Body Shop’s White Musk in the summer. I also have bottles of tea rose perfume and Doulton which I got free and wear occasionally. Most of the time I only wear enough that I can smell it. They make me happy, and, surprisingly enough, they don’t make me cough like most perfumes do. Another one I love is L’Eau d’Issey, which I’ll never be able to afford.

I think another reason some women reek of perfume is that the magazines all say to put a spritz on your pulse points: throat, wrist, ankles, backs of knees…that’s a lot of spritzes. I just put a spray on my throat and the back of my neck, and if some runs onto my fingers I run them through my hair. And then I always ask another person if they can smell my perfume. Usually they can’t.

I now wear Allure by Chanel. BTW, I’m with Saint Zero – too many women over-do it. There was another thread about perfume and it was pointed out that we all (men too) get used to a scent and then can’t smell it and figure no one else can, so dump too much on. I like to gag sometimes walking into the elevator at work because some woman left a cloud of perfume behind. when I go to the movies, I now go to the matinees, because (1) not as crowded, (2) cheaper, and (3)I won’t end up sitting for two hours next some woman who’s taken a bath in her perfume. I don’t think it’s an allergy per se – it just gets in your throat and you feel like you’re breathing perfume instead of air. I’ve noticed some men at work over-do the cologne too, probably for the same reason - they can’t smell it on themselves, so figure others can’t.

I love Of a Woman from the Body Shop-it’s what I use for daily wear. I find it light enough, but different enough that I get comments on it. :slight_smile:

I’m a guy … my favourite overall is Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. It’s fresh, different, feminine.

But a sort of guilty admission would be getting very turned on by whatever fragrance smells like real talcum powder (or perhaps it IS talc?). I say guilty, because in my younger days I remember smelling that on ladies at strip bars. These days you couldn’t pay me to go there!

In summer, I wear Les Belles de Ricci Liberty Fizz. It smells of tomato plants, basil, raspberry and gin. For a more conventionally floral scent, I wear j’adore by Christian Dior. My latest purchase is Calvin Klein Contradiction. I held off buying it for a while because I didn’t want to think that the Tortoise soundtrack on the ad had contributed to my purchase decision. I hang my head in shame. My ‘sexy’ perfume is Ysatis by Yves Saint Laurent. I also like Coco, but there’s not much point in buying a bottle when I have plenty of the Ysatis left.

My skin reacts with perfume in a slightly unpredictable way. It seems to oxidise the perfume very quickly. Maybe I’n abrnormally acidic. Most perfumes that smell great on other women smell like either cheap soap or candy floss on me.

If you wear the same perfume all the time, you condition yourself to it, and don’t smell it as strongly as another person would, which contributes to the Too Much Perfume problem.