What about women's perfumes??

We’ve already established that for most of us, our arousal is very olfactory-linked. What’s your favorite womens perfume? I remember a book I read once suggested women should ahem put their “own” scent behind their ears. I don’t do that, but these are the ones i wear -

Obsession is my “signature scent”

Envy by Gucci - is my newest perfume and is light enough for everyday

Samsara by Guerlain - is my “going out” scent as it’s pretty strong

Scent of a Woman by Body Shop - is in my car for when I forget or after the gym

I also have but hardly ever wear Nicole by Nicole Miller. I used to wear Fuzzy Peach in the summer and Sandalwood but not anymore.

What about you, what do you wear/like to smell?

I tend toward the Gap stuff…“Om” was my favorite, but I can’t find it anymore. I have some Vanilla from Bath & Bodyworks that I wear every once in awhile. For day-to-day, I use their country apple body splash.
I mentioned in the guy’s cologne thread that I’ll occasionally wear my husband’s cologne. I like the spicier, earthier scents.

I used to wear vanilla. I mean actual vanilla extract from the little brown bottles. I picked it up from my friend Todd. He wore it, and everybody, male and female, wanted to sleep with him. Of course that could have had more to do with him being cute as hell and a terrible cock/cunt tease but at the time…I thought I’ll at least smell like him.

And I’m a white girl, so I should smell like vanilla.

Now they make vanilla perfume so I switched to that. If I had more imagination I might vary it, but I think there’s something to be said for having one scent. It will become inexorable associated with you and every time he smells it anywhere he will think of you.

Fresh Ginger Lime for everyday/weekends
Elysium and Cool Water Woman for out in public
Pleasures for after 7pm
Patchouli/YlangYlang body oil mist for a frolic in the bed with Mr Kiffa

C3 - I love OM too. I wore it the summer I turned 16, and what a summer that was! Everytime I smell it, I think of my Metallica-listening, long, greasy-haired boyfriend who nibbled my ear for the first time. Oh, those were the days!

Um, back to reality - the only place I can find it is the Gap outlet in Rehobeth Beach, DE. I was up there for vacation and bought the perfume, the soap, and a few candles. But I have been unable to find it any closer to home.

As for me…

Ralph Lauren Romance for everyday stuff.

Romance with some Exotic Oil from Body Shop (it’s home fragrance oil but I certainly do not care) for dates, special occasions.

And I always moisturize with Body Shop Africa Spa Mud, which smells like honey and vanilla.

I also have Jasmine Solid Perfume from the Nature Company for when I am feeling frisky.

I have tried 3,000 other perfumes only to discover that CK (all of them) are too musky, the floral ones are too grandma-y, and spicy ones just smell bad. I guess I have odd body chemistry. Estee Lauder Pleasures is nice, my second favorite, but it’s too alcohol-y for me.

I’m a little picky about how I smell, maybe you can tell. :slight_smile:

There’s this one called “Tribe” that might not even be around anymore. It wasn’t expensive, and it was wonderfull.
How I miss that…

I used to wear vanilla from the Body Shop but had to stop when all I heard around me was “I keep smelling Rice Crispie cakes.”

I seldom wear it anymore, but my siganture scent was Emeraude by Coty

What is it with perfumes and toxicity? I’ve smelled women that have seemingly basted in the mess. You can almost see the cloud of perfume following them around. One lady had on so much once, that I nearly passed out. Seriously, as in ‘hey, someone stop the floor, I can’t fall on it if it keeps spinning like that.’

I guess it’s cause I’m allergic. Oh well.

Maybe because women’s perfume is never just perfume. You can spend, say, $60 on a bottle, or pay $70 and get sparkly powder, lotion, and body wash. So you pay extra and then bathe in the stuff, which leads to overwhelming stench.

To me, the BEST scent on a woman is this lotion from Bath and Body works.

Sun Ripened Raspberry.

Mmmmmm. Soooooo nice.

I had this girlfriend in high school who was very hot and very obliging to the wants/needs of a hormone raging 17-year-old boy. In any case, this is what she wore, and it smells awesome. It drove me even crazier with lust for her.
I later learned that the scent was similar on any woman, and had the same effect on me.

In fact, some women have been charmed when I would be talking to them and then I would give sniff and then comment on how captivating their scent of Sun Ripened Raspberry is.

I struck up many a conversation that way, and got many a date and made many a friend, some more intimate than others.

In any case, Sun Ripened Raspberry is the way to go. I love the stuff.

Any perfume though, like the kind you dab behind your ear, sucks. They only smell fake and chemically, and taste like shit to boot. A light hint of scent from lotion or body wash or something like that is best.
Guy or Gal, if you douse yourself in cologne/perfume, you’re going to turn people off.

I sometimes wear:
Happy by Clinique
Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden
Tropics by Naturistics (I don’t think they make this anymore, but I love it)
Dream by The Gap

and my signature scent is Juniper Breeze (surprise) from Bath and Body Works. Amazingly, the username came before I discovered the scent. The fact that I really liked it and it goes well with my body chemestry is just a happy accident.

I used to go the expensive scent (Opium was my favorite) route but my favorites are usually in lotion form.

Most days: St. Ives Swiss Vanilla

Then there is: The Healing Garden’s “Jasmine Therapy”

Last and my favorite: Stress Relief from Bath and Body Works

I seem to get a better reaction from people when I just walk around clean after a shower and let my subtle natural scent kick in. [That reminds me of a silly but funny story from vball season that I might tell if someone’s interested in knowing.]

I LOVE ‘Cinnabar’ by Estee Lauder, it has a light cinnamon scent, and you only need a teeeeenssy lil bit. Another favorite that is now impossible to find is ‘Galanos’, I used to get it from Macy’s but they don’t carry it anymore. Chanel #5 is still an old standby, but, I’ve not had any for quite awhile. Ahhhh the good old days!!

Generally, I go with the lingering scent from my country apple body wash from Bath and Body Works.

When I do my field experiences in the classroom, or go out with my SO, I use Baroque from Fragonard (a little souvenir of my trip to France this summer). It’s vanilla-y.

I love tommy girl, though I don’t really wear it much. What I do wear is strawberries and champagne from Victoria’s Secret, so many pleasant memories associated with that scent.


Call me queen of perfumes…I have so many and can’t possibly wear them all but a few are:

Om from the Gap (Ive noticed that I can’t find that anymore either, but I still have a bottle of it that hasnt gone rancid yet)

Happy by Clinique, and I also enjoy Aromatics Elixir from clinique as well but its a little strong.

Sparkling Green apple from B and Bworks, along w/ Cucumber Melon and another one from there called Stolen Moments (Joyful Garden series)

and my newest scent…Acqua D’Gio (armani).

I also own and love Jasmine Seduction, its part of the Time Out line (I think its only sold at Sears).

What I really loved was Raspberry Glace from Vic’s secret…and they dont make it anymore. Also loved Diamonds and Sapphires by Eliz Taylor

Like Saint Zero, I’m allergic, so have mercy, okay?
You could just carry a bag of fried chicken, that works on me.

Mrs. Chalupa wears “Tresor”…mmmmmmmm.
Other faves include:
“Rive Gauche”
“Oscar de la Renta”

also, bacon.

chestnut warning
Q: “What should a (fill in the blank) put behind her ears to attract men?”
A: “Her ankles”

::ducks and runs::

BTW, does anyone know the name of that perfume that smells like hot piss? yuck.