What an assemblage of self-obsessed wankers!

Sort of a limp attempt to vent my mild exasperation at a reality TV show that aired on BBC last night:

Backstory: Alan Sugar, self-made entrepeneurial multi-millionaire, founder and chief executive of Amstrad and total arrogant wanker, needs a sidekick; fourteen upwardly-mobile professional hopefuls (seven males, seven females) have been selected out of several thousand applicants. They will be set a variety of challenges and each week, one individual will be ‘fired’.

But what a bunch of smug, self-obsessed, posturing, preening, total fucking assholes these 14 candidates are. That’s all really; I don’t know which of them will win (I suspect it will be a white male), but whichever one it is that makes it through to be Sugar’s bosom-buddy, they deserve each other.

I’ve never seen such a vivid demonstration of the saying “what shall it profit man if he gains the entire world, yet loses his soul”

As a spurs fan and occasional corporate guest there I have had the “pleasure” of Sir Alan’s company several times. He’s boorish, rude and self-obsessed. (See his recent comments that footballers are “scum”).

I was very glad when he sold the club (he still owns 13%, but is no longer on the board)

This is a rip off of a similar programme shown in the US last year with Donald Trump.

Naturally the producers are going to pick the obnoxious gits to appear, you don’t get on “reality” TV by being normal. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t represent a certain strain of thrusting young executive.

What are they doing…coordinating these things across Europe? By what I hope is an odd coincidence the Danish version also premiered last night (only an hour and a half earlier than the UK premiere).

I think the Danish version, Hyret eller Fyret (Hired or Fired), is in exactly the same format as the US one. I didn’t watch it so I can’t comment on whether the participants are as horrible as the UK ones, but I’m hoping that with the Danish nature they won’t be.

Any other European countries showing the same style program or is it just an odd coincidence that the UK and DK ones started up at pretty much the exact same time?


The BBC website links to the American predecessor; I suspect this is a franchise - like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

I suspected as much, whilst the version over here has taken on a Danish name the logo they are using is straight from the US program. It’s the fact that the two shows premiered on the same night that got me, now that syndicated coordination!


<hangs head>

Just want to pop in here and apologize for our exports to you.

Those type shows are no better over here, believe me.

It’s fair enough - we gave you Millionaire, Pop Idol and Wife Swap (aka “to chav and to chav not”)

I thought you might be interested to know that that one hurts at a distance of at least four thousand, five hundred miles, or approximately seventy-two hundred kilometres.

I used to think cultural exports between our peoples were a disguised expression of hostility. I’m beginning to come around to the view that it’s an exercise in mutual sadomasochism.

I love it when I see the word “wankers” in a Pit title :smiley:

Just saying. I dunno anything about the TV show you’re talking about!