What an odd night at the Super-Walmart

I was tooling through the local Super Walmart the other night around 9:30 PM to get some groceries and other odds and ends. I’m a reasonably large person at 6’3" and I’m used to looming over most other people in general social proximity. But that wasn’t happening last night.

I swear to God at least 25% of the men in that store were my size or larger and at least 50% were 6 feet or better. But that wasn’t the strangest part. The women were big too. Girls 5’10" to 6 feet plus were everywhere and that was without the huge heels in fashion currently.

I actually stopped and checked myself in a mirror to make sure some radioactive mist exposure wasn’t gradually shrinking me. I had a minor epiphany passing people my size around every aisle corner. This is what it feels like to be normal sized! It was a truly odd feeling. It’s hard to explain. Less pressure in one sense that I was just part of the average crowd and my bigness not stand out, but disturbing in another that my self image/identity is that of a large, powerful person and feeling relatively smaller and less powerful was vaguely dis-orienting.

It was probably just some random confluence of circumstances that so many large people were shopping at once at the same place but it made for an interesting night!

All the big people go to Wal-Mart at 9:30 to buy ammo.

It’s also because only the big people feel truly confident enough to travel by themselves to a store at night without worrying about being mugged, raped and/or buggered.

Is there a hotel nearby? A conference for tall people?

Was this a Wal-Mart in Indiana or Colorado? Seems like the median height for men in those states tops the 6’ mark – when I lived in Denver, I was frequently called “short” for being 5’10" tall.

You missed the sign then. The one that read, “You must be this tall to shop at a Super Wal-Mart.”

There is actually a secret society for those of us who are under 6’ that gather and then go out to gawk at the remaining big people.