What are all the union colors? (like AFSCME = green)

I went to a union rally on May Day and learned that each big union has its own color and that you can tell who is who by what t-shirts they are wearing. I was with someone from ASFCME and they really do all wear bright green religiously, but they didn’t know the other colors and a lot of the other people there were just wearing grey shirts made specifically for this rally.

I haven’t had much luck searching the web since union + color usually brings up pages on diversity. And the Wikipedia pages on individual unions are surprisingly terrible.

Anyone know any other ones?

SEIU (a health employees’ service union my sister works for) wears purple.

I think many state-level public sector unions are changing to black and blue.


bleed purple and gold, baby. (SEIU)

or is that yellow?


also, AFSCME is huuugggeee…IBEW is blue, I think, with some kind of logo/seal.

I can’t think of any others. Most union rallies I’ve been to had seas of purple or green. in the 90s (late 80s?), the janitor movements led by SEIU had red shirts. I think AFLCIO doesn’t have a specific ‘color’ (besides the generic red and black) because it’s a conglomerate, so they have campaigns color themes.

My old local t shirts that were Dean-endorsed in 04 where mostly white.

I left a union-heavy environment. We kind of just knew each other by face because we were so active in local politics. :stuck_out_tongue: It wasn’t until I moved to Denver that things like “SEIU purple” were noticeable. When we were organizing at my old job, we’d wear “SEIU purple” on certain days to show unity. I’ve worn my SEIU shirt at general political events and have had thumbs up from other purple-wearers…but I get the same reaction when I’m in a Hawkeyes sweatshirt. It’s part of the mentality of the brotherhood.