What are the best job web sites?

I find myself in the unenviable position of possibly having to look for work soon. I have about six years of experience in health care IT, mostly Project Management (I’m not technical myself, I just manage timelines and budgets and such - picture the kind of job that a liberal arts graduate would get). I’ve had my current job since college.

What web sites do you recommend or have you used in the past? HR types, are there particular web sites you scour or, maybe more importantly, ones that you ignore? Any health care job web sites that you are aware of?

Thanks for your advice!

By the way, I’m sure this topic has been done before but I am having trouble searching for it using more than four letters for each word… If you know of any previous threads I would be super grateful if you linked to them!

I’m partial to government jobs myself.

Here’s a good link


try USAJobs

It’s where I got my latest gig, and I love it.

Thanks DustyButt, I hadn’t thought of government jobs but I’ll take a look.

Any other ideas?

www.dice.com is the standard for IT. It trends toward contract positions but they have all types with plenty of project management positions available. Monster.com and Craigslist.com are the other big players.

My ability to kill a thread should never be questioned.

Has anyone used Hotgigs ? A friend mentioned that site to me but I haven’t had a chance to poke around there yet.

I had some good luck with CareerBuilder.

IMHO, Yahoo jobs is repetitive and not too wonderful.


Got my current gig, a.k.a. The Job Of My Dreams, via Monster.