What are the (Hindi?) lyrics to this song?

Specifically, the main theme to Strike Suit Zero.

Japanese singer (although the words clearly aren’t Japanese), and the song had an American composer who collaborated with an Indian group.

That, and a few other clues indicate that the lyrics might be in Hindi, but I’m just not sure—they might be euphonious gibberish, or even Hindi (or another language) mispronounced so heavily as to be unintelligible.

'Anyone else care to take a crack at it?

I can’t really discern the words but from the sounds I heard, doesn’t seem like Hindi.

Dangit. :frowning:

Hmmm…I don’t suppose anyone here could recognize Sanskrit by ear, if they heard it?

(Well, I mean, yeah, it’s the SDMB, so of course SOMEONE here does, duh. But are any of 'em reading this thread?)