What are the rules of the MMP?

I suggested last thread that rule 7 allows, nay encourages whining as needed. It’s high time that we got all rules together and enumerated.

First, of course, is that all Mumpers get nicknames… or at least, most do.

Take it from here and Happy Monday!

If we all get nicks I want Guadiana, but it’s longer than my username

(it’s a river which appears and disappears)

Everyone must blurf occasionally?

Is that a rule or a privilege?

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 72 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 81 (well brrrr!) for the day and a sixty percent chance of rain. However, the weather PTB said 60 percent chance of rain overnight and it’s dry, dry, dry out. Figures. I didn’t put the trash out last night for fear of big winds and storms so natch, we got nuttin’. Never fear though. The trash can is now down at the road awaitin’ pick up.

Guadiana it is then Nava! One cannot pass up the chance to get named after a disappearin’ river now can one? :smiley:

As for rules… Every Mumper must have a sufficient supply of TP which must contain at least one unopened twelve pack at all times. Any nummy recipes must be posted so that they may be added to the blog by gt. All rules can be ignored.

I’ll leave some for others to post. Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence. ICK!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Discussion of pet antics is madatory, and you are obligated to show pictures of any new arrivals.

Pictures are required when discussing personal nekkidness. :smiley:

Is it Friday yet?

No, but if you want I can ask one of my programmers update the calendar. I think by the time they’re done it could very well be Friday of next week.

There’s rules here? I’m taking my blurfs and going home.

Not really. I have nowhere else to go. I’m a little too weird for anyplace else.

Nevermind, the damn thing updated while I was waiting for it to load.

You must bring some ridiculousness to the table every week. That’s my rule.

I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of hours. If any of y’all hear screaming, it’s because they didn’t heed my warnings about my needlephobia. I’m 95% certain I’m going to have to have a vampire attack me.

BLURF. Another wet Moanday.

Hi all!

I’m at school and I’m supposed to be doing school work, but I don’t really have any work that needs doing, for school anyway. I am sort of working on my own compositional projects at the moment by reading a thread I posted here about music copyright. And daydreaming about music projects.

There’s a lot to look forward to.

I have a driving lesson today, and hopefully my driving teacher will actually show up this time. Maybe I’ll drink another coffee before the lesson so that I won’t be too tired this time.

I still have a lot of work to do on crafts. I did a lot of craft stuff on the weekend, but my little model pianos are still nowhere near finished. Ah well, I still have about a month. I’m lucky that October has 31 days, and I think I may get the extra daylight-savings hour in there too.

I’m rambling, aren’t I? Or maybe I just have nothing better to do in class. Hah.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a muggy wet cloudy rainy 73 degrees with a projected high of 77.

Acronyms, one must use lots of acronyms. It’s the secret code of the MMP.

Rule No. 1:

“All rules, including this one, shall be null and void.”

A tor-nay-dee watch was just issued for my corner of MerryLande. Yay rah. :zzzzzz:

Isn’t there some rule about pies and doughnuts and stuff?

Oh, and BLURF!

Not awake yet, so instead of listing a concise rule I’m going to maunder randomly about what I had for breakfast and what the weather is like, here, if I ever figure that out. The weather, that is, I know what I had for breakfast.

Blurfage and deadlines do not go together well.

Is Guadiana pronounced Gaudy Anna?

Rule Number 2: There is no rule number 1. (liberal interpretation of the Monty Python skit University of Wallamaloo Department of Philosophy Staff meeting where all professors are named Bruce).

Maybe everyone should have Bruce for a nickname.

I had a driving theory class teacher called Mr. Bruce. Well, that’s what he called himself. I never found out what his real name was. It’s also the name of my uncle.

Yes, you’re supposed to send them to me! (After proper gifts of good beer, of course!)

Proper spelling is to be used at all times! Some examples of proper spelling include:
Lon Gisland (or Lawn Guylandt)