It isn't easy being green in the MMP

I am ready for spring, despite the 3+ inches of snow in my yard and the flakes that continue to fall.

Think green!!!

Think SPRING!!!

Happy Moanday!!!


Had to do it! Y’all know I had to do it! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 58 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 65 and rain. All day. Oh well, at least it ain’t snow or ice.

So today is Moanday which means irk. ‘Tis also men’s night over to the church house so I have that to look forward to doin’. We even have green beer leftover from last Sattidy night’s celebration!

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas and alack, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence.


Second! Yes, being juvenile extends over here too.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate being Irish and to those who are plastic Paddys for the occasion! I am resolutely English and don’t like Guinness so I am celebrating that with a nice cup of tea.

I am at irk, it is not too irksome yet but there is always time for that especially where students are involved. Other than that, I am expecting a nice quiet day. Famous last words, I fear.

My sister, the bartender, had her fire-engine-red hair stripped and re-dyed green. She works in a supposed Irish pub in Fells’ Point (Baltimore, for those who don’t know) and being the crazy bartender, she had to do it…

I, personally, don’t claim any Irishness at all. I never wore green on March 17, and I’d often wear my “Thank God I’m Polish” button just to be difficult. :smiley: As for my day, I’m thinking I’ll attack the room that houses my desk. I don’t think I’ll do the carpet till the weather allows me to open the windows, but everything else will be tidied, dusted, or tossed. Good times!!

Top O’ The Morning to ya!

Wet, raining and sleety. Ireland weather. I need to buckle down and actually do some irk today.



I’m of German and Scandinavian ancestry, so I’m a contrarian on Snakechaser day. I’m not wearing a lick of green, so if you’re cute you can pinch my butt.

I am the last person you’d describe as cute, but can I pinch your butt anyway?

Try it, and see what happens… :wink:

:Pinch: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got at least a smidgen of Irish ancestry, but I don’t wear green on St. Pat’s just because I’m contrary. And because I usually forget.

Had a nice, boring weekend. Went to the movies on Friday night, then on Saturday morning we had a whirlwind of three tiny women clean our house within an inch of its life. Seriously, the kitchen counters are a different color. Nothing like having a professional come in and scrub your filth away to make you feel like a complete dirtbag.

We’ve tried and failed to find anyone in my family tree that ain’t just borin’ old English, so I’ll not be celebrating being Irish today.

I will be doing quite a bit of gardening though, which us definitely green- maybe even planting my first potatoes, which probably counts as celebrating St Patrick’s, though that’s still a bit of a gamble if we get another frosty spell.

Anyway, I need to put some washing on, and I have loads of seeds to plant today, having just received some of the fabulously named ‘Dancing With Smurfs’ tomato from a swap.

Happy Moanday all!

Happy Moonday!

Happy St Paddys Day
It’s snow, just snow, several inches and it’s still coming down. Which means everybody will be hanging around all day, no peace and quiet for me. The other half of the HFH will be here tomorrow, oh joy and happiness. They will be staying here until he finds another job, which ould be like… forever.

I’m calling the realtor today. I still waiver back and forth with which house. Today will be make a decision, make an offer day.

FCM Fells Point was my stomping ground for a long long time. I haven’t been there in years though, probably not since Sah-son was born.

Going to try to irk lots today since I missed irk Thorsday and didn’t get a lot of hours in on Saturday and I’ll be taking off Thorsday of this week. That will be 3 Thorsdays in a row I’ve missed, I think I’d better add a little note of explanation with my request for the evening off.

How you doin’?

**sari **- my sis has worked at the Cat’s Eye for more than 25 years - in fact, she started before she was 21 - not quite sure how she managed that one.

Still snowing. dammit.

I’m nearly 29… :slight_smile:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve got a bit of Irish in my ancestry, as well. Though, the only thing green that I’ll be interacting with today, will maybe be some steamed broccoli.

I’m up, and moving, caffeinating, fur/feathered/finned pets are fed/watered (Which is a good thing for the finned ones, especially), and battling what I am calling a ‘cold in my eye’. It’s annoying. The eye. Not the pets. Nor the caffeine. Definitely not the up and moving part, either. Just the eye.

It’s a nippy 21 degrees outside, and we’ll be getting up to a blistering 42 degrees at some point during the day. At least it will end up being somewhat sunny. Not too bad,I guess.

Have a good day, everyone.

Tempting fate, more like :D.

Wish I knew what’s up with a sore eye. This is not going to make for a happy day.

I am green with envy - we *might *break freezing… maybe.

Meanwhile, the snow is still coming down, barely, but still. :mad:

I used to hang out there, it’s a nice place.
I liked The Full Moon too. There is where I met one of my ex’s, the one who threw up on my feet. We ended up dating for 7 years.
We had a lot of fun down there and in Canton as well.

The first time I went to Fells Point I made the mistake of wearing heels. For those who have never been there it’s all cobblestone. Wear heels, have a few drinks and you are just begging for a twisted ankle.
FCM I’m not surprised your sister got a job there before she was 21, it’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere down there. Or at least it was back in the day before the yuppies overran the place.

I have not a drop of Irish in me and I have no interest in St. Patrick’s Day. I did have a corned beef sandwich on Saturday.

After irk I’m getting my tickets for London! ::Snoopy happy dance:: We arrive the day before my birfday so I’ll be jet lagged but who cares. And we’re going to the ballet Romeo & Juliet at Royal Albert Hall. And by the time we leave it will spring and warmer and no snow.