What are these two electronic cable connectors for?

Please help me identify these two electronic cables. I don’t recognize them. I found them in a plastic display box together, but I can’t recall what product they belong to. Thanks!

Here are the two photos.

Can you put the images on a host site, rather than a download exchange?

Looks like something for a Palm Pilot.

Pic 1
Pic 2

They are power connectors for prior generation phones (maybe Palm, one looks familiar) that have a universal connection to a universal wall wart. These were common, especially in airports and luggage stores and Radio Shack type places, to sell a replacement charger in the era of six or a dozen proprietary connectors.

(All praise USB… even if the progression from mini to micro to C is a bit of a drag.)

They are all but useless unless you have a matching phone/PDA and some version of the universal power supply they plugged into.

Missed thought, then edit: Thanks to **CM **for moving the photos.

Thanks! In the future I will use dropbox.

OK, thanks! This is starting to make sense now. They were located in a cabinet where we were keeping old cell phones. So this might have been for a Blackberry?

That solves this mystery. I can discard them without concern, since as you might guess those old cell phones have been decommissioned.

I have gotten in the habit of labeling things, but somehow this didn’t get done for some reason at the time. Perhaps because it never got used.

I’m more likely to recognize an old serial RS-232 connector from across the room, but that’s because I used them at one time daily for years. I even made up some of those cables from scratch. I don’t miss those days, I’m a software guy who never learned how to use a soldering iron properly.

Yes, thanks again!

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These connectors look professional like motorola or ericson connectors.

The connectors are so big as the phone side has contacts for power, microphone,speaker, antenna and all that… its mechanically strong so you can sit the phone on a base, eg in a car situation, and its held there… also so the phone can be moved around the drag the cable with it.

Bluetooth reduces the complexity of these connectors…

Well one is a Motorola Phone cable charging or speaker, can’t tell
Its old vintage

The other seems same type of cable, but different brand.

I am going to assume from some old universal AC phone charger that came with several different branded cables, motorola, nokia, etc

That seems most likely considering it was in a box of various old cell phone stuff. That would explain why we never used it, because it came with others which weren’t needed.

That’s been completely disabled, always has been as far as I can recall.