What are unique/cool powers for a super villain?

I have an idea for a psychopathic super villain that got their powers from a demon that wants to create more death and chaos in the world.

I have some ideas (the villain will have multiple powers) but what powers do you think would be good for this type of character?

The only criteria is that the powers have to be very useful for killing and wreaking havoc, they have to be unique (so no super strength, invisibility, flight, teleportation etc) and have to be street tier in nature meaning they shouldn’t make the character unbeatable by conventional means. Spider Man, Captain America and Wolverine are perfect examples of street tier characters.

Well, I’d disagree with your definition of ‘street tier’ characters, but for my $0.02, I’d go with the ability to inflict pain remotely. Depending on what restrictions you want, it could be AOE, it could be slowly building, etc. So it could be used to drive people mad in an effort to stop the pain, and perhaps as it builds, reaches lethal levels.

psychic control over others. make them feel terrifying emotions or engage in destructive behavior while consciously aware that the behavior is wrong and destructive.

But the powers only work on people they physically touch.

Somewhat close to this guy, The Purple Man, who was quite terrifying (I thought) in Season One of Jessica Jones. Purple Man - Wikipedia

Except he excretes pheromones to capture victims, and hypnotizes people — they only regret their actions after hypnosis has worn off (after they spend enough time away from him and his BO). The PTSD (and worse) these people go through is a huge component of the terror.

Edit: such a person could create an army — or win an election, maybe