What are you conceited about?

I have been accused of being conceited many times during my life. It’s just par for the course when one is always right. Over the years I’ve tried to reign my conceit in a bit, and in general (i.e. interactions with people other than my wife), I don’t get accused of it much anymore.

Except for one subject - fitness and healthy eating. I really do try to control myself, but my diet and workout routine always seems to creep into my conversations. And, of course, I’ll flash my abs to anyone who wants to see them (and probably lots of people who would rather not!). It’s not something I’m proud of.

Oh, who am I kidding?..

So, what are you conceited about?

I am a fucking awesome grant writer. I have the stats to back it up… nearly 90% of my grants are funded to the tune of over $750,000 at this point which is not bad considering I’ve been doing it for three actual years. Same reason I excelled in academia. Grant applications have clear expectations, short-term, deadline-driven assignments, and depend on the ability to collect and integrate large amounts of information and communicate it all in one neat little package.

My cat really is better than everyone else’s cats.

I have the most anxiety of anyone I’ve ever met. Also, I’m fairly conceited about my time management and given a week or so I can be mid-high 1700s ELO on any strategy game.

Nobody is more humble than I. Nobody.

I am as handsome as I am smart.

I have really nice penmanship. Like, Declaration of Independence style script. Naturally, the one asset I possess is pretty much obsolete :mad: I am also ridiculously proud of having been born and raised in L.A. Yes, I realize I had nothing to do with it; what I actually am is incredibly grateful, but I feel like I’m surrounded by such an abundance of stupidity and unpleasantness in FL that I can be (internally) rather snobbish about it.

It’s rein not reign!
Nobody is better at homophone’s than I am!

I’m sorry.

I have a gorgeous wife.

I had a full-time job for 25 years teaching chess, roleplaying and computer games. :o

I don’t know if conceited is the correct word, but I am annoying in how I work music or guitars into conversations they have no business being in.

I am conceited about my kids. No, mine are specialer!

I have been known to boast that my cat actually kills rats. She’s really good at it, too - she gets them with one bite through the spinal cord.

Until their furry little corpses started turning up on our doorstep, I didn’t even know our neighborhood had rats.

Interestingly, while she eats the mice she catches, she doesn’t eat the rats.

The use of that apostrophe had better be a deliberate error. :smiley:

My gifts are spelling and punctuality. Who cares about that old stuff?

Lol. Hey, I never claimed to be an expert at punctuation.

I dare anyone here to try and say they sneeze or fart better than I do!

I am effing brilliant at frittering away the day and then getting something accomplished in the last 45 minutes before going home. I’ve built a career on it.


49yo: Hair still black, still full, still bitching about the number of barber shop trips I have to make.

I have great hair. It’s fine, but very abundant. It’s perfectly straight with no blow drying. If I don’t have time to let it dry or help it dry before work, I drive down the highway with the windows down partway. When I get to work, it’s kind of tangled, but when I comb it out, it’s perfectly smooth and in a straight shoulder length bob. No hairspray or product needed. It’s pewter gray with a white streak in front and I get a lot of compliments on the color.