What are you doing about VD?

Well, it’s St. Valentine’s Day. What are you doing about it?

I got Mrs. L.A. an amusing card and a heart-shaped tin of Dove chocolates. I also fulfilled her request to have homemade hashbrowns, bacon, and over-easy eggs for breakfast. She got me a little TY-brand teddy bear with a heart on it. Tonight I’m making filets mignon, creamed spinach with feta cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner, which we can eat as we watch the marathon leading up to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on The Walking Dead. I need to come up with something for dessert. (Possibly raspberry pie filling baked in pastry dough.)

I thought this thread was going to be about venereal diseases.

I’m going to buy a bunch of candy tomorrow when it goes on sale.

Same, which also made me wonder why I would click on it…
So far I had one emergency call for someone with no water. I thawed some pipes and was on my way. It was -10 overnight. I’m glad I didn’t have to pull a pump out of a well.

I went to lunch at Chilies based on the logic it would not be crowded as no one would actually take a date there. If a partner ever decided on Chilies for VD I think I’d have to break up with them. Well I was wrong, it was rather busy. Mostly couples with kids which seems fine.

Back home now and forever alone. Probably watch some Netflix.

I had heard Obama care was bad but that’s just absurd…

I gave my husband a card and three tins of Illy single-origin coffee. He gave me some chocolate and a doorknob, which he promises to install on our bedroom door today.

We have a four year old. For the past seven months, we haven’t had a doorknob. I’m excited.

Doorknob? Is that what they’re calling it now? I always heard just plain old “knob”. :slight_smile:

With a few strategic word removals and adding nothing to your post I see you may be in for a more exciting evening after the four year-old goes well to sleep. Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

I’m working until 6p.m…Then I’m going home to spend time with my daughter, watch a movie and eat homemade flan. The best flan I have ever made, by the way. If interested in the recipe, let me know.

I don’t feel the need to do anything romantic with my guy on 2.14 specifically. As far as thoughtful little gifts and such, we both prefer for them to be a spontaneous thing on any given day.

We spent the evening together and this morning he made me a great omelette with the filling from one of the empanadas that I prepared last night.

That’s it for me. Happy Valentine’s Day, all.

I thought someone might enjoy that :slight_smile:

Same here… my answer would have been “celibacy.” Which, technically, works as an answer for the OP as well.

I’m thinking about organizing a party. I listed the idea in the wrong thread though (sorry).

"The Hallmark Channel Drinking Game"!

Not in a relationship? Alone on Valentines Day? Despair not! Invite some singles over, fill glasses, and play “The Hallmark Channel Drinking Game”!

Each person draws 10 folded paper cliches from Hallmark Channel Romance movies from a glass bowl before the movie starts. Then… watch that movie…!

“Who has ‘she’s a widow with kids played by 24-year-old actress in a size 1 dress’? Drink.”

“Who has ‘One of the leads was someone who was hot on a TV show in the 90s’ ? Drink.”

"Who has “The lead drives a $80,000 show-room condition car up to where she’s asking for a waitress job’. Drink.”

“Who has ‘Single dad looks like 10,000 sit-ups a day, dresses like GQ, but has a green job helping the environment’? Drink.”

“Who has ‘She’s talking to her best friend like she wants to french her instead of the single guy for the rest of the show’? Drink.”

“Holy Shit, is that Lacey Chabert!?”

"Social…!" :smiley:

Today was the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon. I spent the morning giving out beers to the runners.
It’s all very romantic. Try not to be jealous.

It is my wife’s birthday as well as the big V. I went overboard at Christmas and swore that it would cover Christmas, her birthday, and Valentine’s Day but I bought her a makeover at a local makeup place and about $100 worth of makeup. Then had brunch at a local gastropub followed by chocolate cake at home. I’ve also promised to keep quiet during Walking Dead tonight.

The Fella and I agree that VD is a crap holiday. We try to just do nice things/get gifts for each other as things arise. Unfortunately he’s been travelling and busy lately a lot, so we haven’t been able to spend much time together. Today we went to the Arboreteum, played Ingress, went to go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Then we went to Sweet Tomatoes (My idea–who goes to ST on VD? I was right; it was busy, but not crazy.) Then we played some more Ingress. Then we came home and he fixed the antenna on my car. We’ll watch The Walking Dead later and it will basically have been an almost perfect day!

My wife was raised outside of the US so she never had the whole “Valentine’s Day proves love” stuff ingrained into her culture. We said “Happy Valentine’s Day” to one another and I took the kids out for a few hours so she could get some stuff done without a five year old hanging off her. That’s about it.

I sent Valentine’s Day cards to 6 kids I know. I’ve been sending them every year for a while now.

I bought myself some fancy candy from the fancy candy store, and a new mattress. <3

Valentine’s Day has been big in Thailand for decades. Other Asian countries too. But in Thailand, it has become the traditional day for girls to lose their virginity to their boyfriends. I am not making this up. One year the press interviewed taxi drivers, who said Valentine’s Day night was always a busy time for them, ferrying young couples to short-time hotels. And another year, the police announced they would be staking out short-time hotels to see if any young Thai couples were checking in. The plan was to burst into the room in force, complete with news cameras to humiliate them publicly. But I don’t think they followed through on that.

Anyway, the wife and I always do up Valentine’s Day. It has become our personal tradition for us to hit the award-winning brunch at Crepes and Co, then go play with the cats on the premises of the Cat Up Cafe near our home. In addition, the wife got a bunch of chocolates from the Belgian-owned and -operated Duc de Praslin Belgium Chocolaterie, while I received a bottle of Drambuie.

And how could I forget, but Valentine’s Day is also popular in Bang Rak district. The city of Bangkok is divided into 50 districts, and Bang Rak in central Bangkok is one of them. Bang rak literally means “place of love,” and the district office not only sees a spike in marriage registrations about this time of year but also often gives some sort of little prize to couples registering their marriage there.

(Bang Rak district is also, purely coincidentally, the location of the Patpong red-light area.)

And underwater marriages off the coast of southern Thailand have become a popular Valentine’s Day activity with tourists who are Scuba enthusiasts. I believe Trang province, on the Andaman Coast, is particularly popular for that.

I had my New Year’s dinner with a bunch of strange people including JoseB, who by happenstance ended up at my own table. Officially dinner started at 9pm on the 13th, but by the time we were leaving the restaurant it was almost 2am on the 14th.

We don’t need no stinkin’ calendars, it’s a lot easier to organize big meals outside the holiday season than within it :slight_smile:

We ate at MadMex (a local bar/Mexican restaurant). They offered an anti-Valentines Day dinner special. You bring your ex or some-day ex for dinner. Two margaritas, an appetizer, two entrées, and a brownie-icecream sundae all for forty bucks. They bring seperate checks, to boot!