What are you doing for Lent?

I’m a Catholic. I think I’m going to give up coffee, but not to sure… I am going to fast on Ash Wen. and Good Friday…

For those of you who are still thinking about it. This site has an interesting approach.


I gave up coffee one year. The best cup of coffee I had in my life was on Easter that year.

Aaah, in Spain we being by not having Catechesis on Sundays. And anybody who wants to partake of the Mass can, but you’re expected to stay for the whole ceremony whether you have Communion or not and whatever religion you belong to (except if your kid starts crying or similar).

Part of it is that back when Church was the high social location, many men would go out for a smoke/chat during the sermon: now that if you want a chat you go to a bar, if you go in you’re expected to stay in.

Giving up for Lent: sweets, crisps, nuts, corn chips, similar snack foods.

11:03 on Ash Wednesday and it’s starting to feel like a long forty days…

I’m giving up refined sugar, corn syrup and honey for Lent. It’s rough, but it’s for the best. Sometimes this habit sticks for months after Lent is over, where I just don’t want anything artificially sweetened or packed with sugar. The health benefits are so good, I wonder why I don’t stick with it.

I find Lent is a great discipline to keep, even though I’m agnostic and haven’t attended mass regularly in nearly two decades. Lent is just a great structure for self-discipline and self-improvement. I recommend it to anyone, Catholic or not.

Me too!
It worked so well, I decided to give up politics and sports.

Arrgghhhh! My Girl Scout cookies arrived today. I guess they’re going in the freezer.

Thanks to Miss Mossie’s link, I’ll be doing the Liturgy of the Hours (I can’t call it LotH, that’s too much like LotR - Lord of the Rings).

Shirley, Seven, Czarcasm, etc - It would be appreciated if you followed the OP’s directive and took your religion-bashing elsewhere.


This, boys and girls, is an example of what we like to call “The universe has a sense of humor.” :smiley: