What Are You Doing Next Tuesday?

Am I the only one who feels put on the spot by questions like this? The person asking doesn’t give any sort of clue about what they’re leading up to, but you just know that if you say you don’t have any plans, they’re going to try to rope you into something that you may not want to attend. I find this to just be rude and much prefer people to flat out extend an invitation without mining for information about my calendar first.

Anyone have a stock answer for this one? I usually reply that I don’t know and will have to look at my calendar, but it always feels awkward. Got anything better?

Depends. I could ditch 'em if you have something better.

“Your mom.”

*I don’t know. I might get together with some friends. *

That’s what you should say. If they ask you to do something you don’t want to do, then tell them you’ll check with your friends to see if you still have plans with them. Oh, darn. Looks like you can’t cancel. Too bad.

“Washing my cat.”

“Whatever Madame Pepperwinkle has planned.”

"I need to check my calendar. Why? Did you have something in mind? … “Oh, cool! Let me check and get back to you.”

That’s great - I might have to use that. It does indeed make me feel put on the spot when people do that - I might want to do what you’re offering, but I might not - I’m not obligated to do it just because I just told you I have no plans. Sometimes my plans are not doing the thing you want me to do. :slight_smile:

“I might be starting my period that day. I’ll let you know if it happens.”

“Same thing I always do… plotting to take over the world.”

I’m reading the replies. Laughing at some and filing others away for future use. Thanks, all!

“See you next Tuesday.”

I’m going out to lunch with a couple of guys from work. We’ll be sharing 2 bowls of Beef Rendang and a pot of coconut rice as always.

I always answer all such questions by brightly, and a little boastfully saying, “Whatever I want!”

Tuesday? Next Tuesday? I’ve got a 3-mile run and then I have to do laundry.

It’s trash day, so I’ll have to put the garbage out first thing. The rest of the day is downhill from there.

I see what you did there. Lol

I usually answer the question with a question, “Why do you want to know?”

I’ll be paying for a hamburger.

“What have you heard?”

That’s the day that my ‘Sexaholics Anonymous’ group meets, want to come along? :wink:

Seriously? I like Lakai’s answer. (I’ve actually used that one. Works well.)