What are you gaming with these days?

I’ve got a PS4 and a 2 Core 2 gb Intel Pentium D. I know its obsolete now, but it might be able to hold its own eventually as I’m planning on turning it into a mid-range gaming pc. It’s not a laptop but the old-fashioned desktop. But in a way that’s better cause I can upgrade it! But the PS4 is damn good. Graphics are incredible. We’ll see how the PC performs when I have it the way I want it to be. I’ll let you all know when that happens. How about you? Anyone stuck with the old PS3 or Xbox360? Anybody stuck with a decades old console or gaming PC still? Or are you up to date with modern gaming technology?

I’ve got an Xbox 360 that is our DVD player and a Wii in the basement I play golf and bowling on when the in-laws are staying with us. There’s a PS2 gathering dust in a box somewhere.

Mainly I play games on a 1.5 year old Sager NP7378 laptop: Haswell i7-4810MQ, GTX 860M, 17.3" matte display, 20GB RAM. Not a top-of-the-line machine by any stretch, not even brand new, but it’ll comfortably play anything I can put on it now, and it should be able to handle most things coming down the pipe for a while longer, like 2 years maybe, before I need to get something newer.

PC I built myself, running Windows 7.


I’ve got a PC that gets upgraded every 3-5 years. Usually when a game comes out that I won’t be able to play because of system requirements. I do actually try to play it instead of just relying on the documented minimum system specs. Then I upgrade to something in the recommended specs range as I catch components on sale and I’m good for several more years.

My old stuff goes into my wife’s computer for Warcraft or Guildwars which doesn’t need much horsepower at all.

Then her hand-me-downs go to the living room for the Sega/Atari/Nintendo emulator.

PC - Windows 7, old i7-860 core ( still chugging along fine, handling Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 at full or near-full graphics settings with aplomb ), semi-recent upgrade to a GTX 970.

I’m still console-free as an adult. Nothing against them, but since I pretty exclusively play rpgs and strategy games it just seems like it would be a foolish duplication.

I have a PS4, but it spends most of its time being a Blu-Ray player and Netflix/Amazon streaming box. I recently built a new PC with a SkyLake Core i5, GTX 970, and 32 GB of RAM for gaming. It’s way more than fast enough for me.

Wii U with PS4 as a secondary system.

Almost the same!

i7-860 overclocked to 3.6GHz
R9 290X 4GB GPU

The old girl plays stuff just fine though at high+ settings and tested as acceptable for VR via Steam’s testing app so she must still have life in her yet. Still, my next upgrade will be when I see a new gen MB/CPU combo at an acceptable price.

Laptop. I’ve owned several consoles and rarely used them. I had all the 7th generation consoles as well as a PS2 so technically I owned a PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii and Gamecube. I had games for all of them and almost never play them. I couldn’t justify buying an 8th generation console system when I already own all the 6th and 7th, and the games are <$5 each and I still never play them.

I mostly just use the PC.

I have a home built PC that’s about 4 years old now. It can mostly handle things, but various smaller problems have been steadily accumulating so I’m actually going to just build a whole new machine to replace in the next week. Not quite sure what hardware I’m going to go with, my knowledge of such things is very limited so I’m just going to follow the suggestions of more knowledgeable friends.

I have a Wii U which I bought pretty much exclusively for Smash Brothers. These days I use it for Netflix and that’s pretty much it. I don’t have any other current gen systems, as pretty much everything I care about ends up on PC for cheaper anyways. I suppose I also have a PS2 still plugged into my TV, but if I were going to play a PS2 game I would probably just emulate it instead.

PC that I have no meaningful recollection of what parts are in it (Pretty sure the processor is a Phenom Black?), PS3, Playstation TV, Nintendo 3DS. In roughly that order. I also have a bunch of older consoles kicking around, but they mostly don’t get used these days.

Intel Core i5-6600k CPU @3.50GHz
AMD Radeon R9 390 Series

I have an XBone but mostly use that for tv stuff, although I’m excited for Cuphead.

I’m running an old AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black with an ATI HD5850 graphics card. My typical desktop upgrade schedule is a three year cycle, so I don’t feel bad that those five year old parts are ready for retirement. If I were to build today, this is essentially what I’d build:

But with both graphics cards companies about to release lines that may amount to two development cycles worth of improvement (more likely one and a half, but I can hope), I’m holding out to see what Polaris and Pascal benchmarks come in at. I’m in no hurry. I’ll be finishing up Dragon Age Inquisition on my current system (low graphics quality, but playable) then I’m on to some low requirement RPG or strategy games. I can wait for the next generation.

I have a PS3 that is a mostly a Rockband machine and a Wii that sees use one a month or so. I think this console generation will the the first I skip since the Genesis/SNES and PS1/Dreamcast/Gamecube eras (aka the too broke to buy a console era). I don’t play enough on console to make it worth it; almost everything I want to play is on PC.

I’ve got an Xbox One, but it’s doing exclusively home theater jobs. I don’t play games there.

For that I’ve got my main PC: i5 4690K, 16 GB RAM, and GTX 780ti. Will upgrade my GPU after pascal comes out.

PS3 on a $230 flat-screen from last year.

Best budget-minded set-up in my opinion, as the game selection/quality is massive, I can get even the biggest titles for $10, and - a hidden and hugely underrated benefit of consoles, IMHO - it’s way better for my neck during 3+ hrs. of game time.

There’s no way you can set up a console that you couldn’t set up a PC. Plug the PC into your flat screen TV (or use something like Steam’s Link streamer) and go to town.

True. But if I am already sacrificing the mouse/keyboard for a control set-up that I generally feel is a “lesser” form of interaction with the game (for the games I like to play - FPS or games with FPS aspects, mostly), then I want this lesser set-up to come with the lowest cost/effort investment. Consoles already come with wireless, handheld controllers.

I suppose. In my case, I own a computer so buying a console for the same thing I can do via my PC with trivial additional investment/work seems silly. Anyway, my point was just that couch play isn’t a console-specific benefit.