What are you getting for Black Friday?

I’m hoping to get a discount for Netflix and/or Hulu. I’ve never had either of these services before, so a starter discount would be nice.

I saw this non-announcement for Hulu, where they say they don’t know yet. Last year’s deal was $1.99 for 12 months, but with covid and everyone flocking to streaming options, the discounts (if they exist) might not be as substantial. But here’s hoping.

What are you hoping to get for Black Friday?

[I’m putting this in Cafe Society because I’m more interested in entertainment purchases and gadgets like TVs and stuff, and kitchen equipment, but any Black Friday purchase counts.]

I’m hoping for all my unpaid wages. My car repaired and put back the way it came to me. Forgive me but my mom to either die or man up and be real as to why she has worked so hard to break up our family. Then I want to fuck my cop crush right before snitching on my ass hole neighbors. Bugged me for years but biggest savings EVER!!!