What are you having for lunch today?

I’m having Campbell’s alphabet soup, 2 slices of Orowheat 100% wheat bread toasted and w/ a bit 'o butter and a smattering of seedless rasberry jam. Mmmmm! Oh, and a glass of water.

Either I will cook up some vegetable soup or I shall go over to the burger baron for a mushroom burger and a rootbeer. Dunno yet.

I’m having a Slim Fast shake. (yes I started my diet today, tyvm).

Crawfish Etouffee

Pop tarts. No time to go and get more food and I’m too much of an oaf to remember to pack my own lunch…

Progresso Beef and Mushroom soup and a cheese sammich on toast. Some Cheetos on the side. And I’m chasing it all right now with a bottle of Beck’s.

The perfect lunch for right after shovelling the driveway for the second time today.

Frito Lay™ Munchies and Nestea® Lemon Iced Tea

Two turkey hotdogs shoved in one bun with lots of ketchup

Forty-spice hummus on a flourless pita.

Well, in a few minutes I’m taking my Mom to the cable company to swap out her cable box for a more modern model. Then I’m going to take her down the maze of alleys behind the cable company, to a tiny Italian place I found months ago, where they serve enormous, delicious Italian subs on incredibly good Italian bread, and we’re going to chow down on those.

Then I’ll pick up a loaf of bread and a lasagna for dinner tonight.

Yay for obscure little Italian grocery/restaurants!

Some of you are just begging for a little sympathy…well, you have mine. So far, Dave-guy has the best lunch, w/ the Beck’s and all, but he deserves it. Gotcha snowblind Dave? The Burger Baron mushroom burger sounds good, too.

I’m on week three of my low-carb diet and I’m starting to get bored, so today I went creative and brought mushroom caps stuffed with grilled chicken and mozzarella cheese.

Last night we had rabbit stewed with artichokes, scallions, lemon, and dill. There was quite a bit of the liquid (too thin to really be called “gravy”) left over after dinner, so I saved it.

I just stretched it with a little homemade chicken broth, put the leftover rabbit back in (there was still a lot of artichoke and green onion), and cooked some kluski (thin Polish egg noodles) in it.

Very nice. My daughter had three bowls.

I had a salad with ranch dressing, and a piece of candy. And I might eat some beef stew if I feel like it.

(I’m pretending I’m snowed in so I can sit around the house all day and eat) :slight_smile:

I made a big pot of tomato, zucchini and corn soup last night from scratch. Big ol’ bowl of that. Plus I hauled out the juicer and juiced some tangerines, apples, pears and papaya, so a glass of that to go along with.

A couple of soft tacos from Taco Bell. Not the best lunch in history, but I was aiming for a quick bite so I could get some work done over the lunch break. 45 minutes of SDMB-reading later…


Spring mix salad with oil n’ vinegar and dried tomato bits; homemade capellini with stewed Roma tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil; juice; a bit of chocolate; a few strawberries.

Nothing. I would have had something, but I figure a little voluntary fasting is probably a good thing once in a while.

That and the fact that I had my lunch packed at home, left it sitting at home, and refuse to pay for overpirced items that would fail to sate my palate as much as my wife’s cooking.

Homemade chili…with ground chicken, black beans and lotsa veggies. Chili is a great way to sneak in your veggies.