What are you looking forward to buying or receiving?

Not exactly an earth-shattering thread, I know. What are you looking forward to buying in the near future? Or, if money’s a problem, what are you looking forward to receiving as a gift for Christmas (or birthdays, or whatever)? Big or small – a pet, a house, a car, CDs, videos, books – what is it?

To start the ball rolling:

If I wait until 3 November, I can upgrade to a Nokia 6100 for only £20 from my mobile provider. It’s not that special, but I’m shallow and like gadgets.

For Christmas I really want Yes, Prime Minister Volume 1 and Yes, Prime Minister Volume 2. I’ve dropped enough subtle hints to my Dad, I think.

So what’s on your shopping list?

New furniture to go with my new house! The stuff I have now is has seen better days.

I need a non-stick frying pan, but I don’t think I’ll splurge until I can accrue enough Canadian Tire money (currently have $4.25 in my car, I believe) to get it for free.

I could also use some new pants, preferrably brown, and the new Death Cab for Cutie CD.

Well, I got a $100 voucher toward an airline ticket as “payment” for a travel article I wrote; I’m hoping I can scrape together enough spare cash to do something fun with it. I’m thinking maybe Thailand, or Croatia, or Australia if I can afford it.

Which means that I’m not buying anything else for the next six months, apart from food and other essentials. But yay, I have something interesting to daydream about :slight_smile:

I’m getting a new (well, new to me) laptop on Monday! Okay, nothing great, but now I can go to the library and do research directly into the 'puter rather than writing stuff down and then trying to read my writing at home…

I’m looking forward to receiving the John Lee Hooker CD “Free Beer And Chicken” that I ordered THREE DAMN WEEKS AGO!!! :mad:

Whoa! Breathe… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 'sbetter now. I’m ok…

I’ve pre-ordered the limited editions of the new R.E.M. cd and DVD (“In Time” and “In View”) and I did it through their website, so I get a special calendar, too! They don’t come out till next week, though.

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to getting clothes for Christmas this year. I’ve dropped 55 lbs so far, and I have about 10 more to go, which should be accomplished by Christmas. I don’t usually like shopping, but this time, I think I’ll enjoy it.

I’m looking forward to buying 100 mailing envelopes for eBay. I bought some a couple of months ago, but they’ve already run out. They’re normally 80c each, but if I buy 100, they end up only being 35c each.

In the future (2 years minus 8 days) I’m looking forward to receiving my Vuitton mandarin epi speedy, courtesy of a bet that I’m certain I am going to win.

Groceries. I really like buying groceries, especially at weird “ethnic” grocery stores. No, really! I’m not safe in them. Last week I came home with half a kilo of Lebanese halvah and a candy that looks like hair.

This is soppy and romantic I’m really looking forward to buying my husband Christmas presents, because this is our first Christmas as a married couple. I’ll probably get him weapons (swords) and assorted other junk. It will be fun.

I’m looking forward to getting a puppy! Yay, puppies!

I’ve been waiting almost five years for the perfect time, and this is it. Now I’ve just gotta wait for mama-to-be to get in heat and make me a puppy! :slight_smile:

I’m currently in the middle of planning a new arrangement for my room. Not really a redecorating, but just moving around furniture, but last week, I was window shopping and saw a blue light up christmas tree, and I’m planning to get that. It’ll be up in my room all year while I hang all sorts of stuff on it.

Also, ever since the summer, I’ve wanted to get my eyebrow pierced, but I’m going to hold it off for a while because where I work would definately frown upon that.

DVD sets of Blake’s Seven … if they ever let me.

The sets were supposed to be released in this twenty-fifth anniversary year … season 1 was scheduled for my birthday, back in January. But some nitwits have been hanging up the whole process in legal wrangling, and now it’s all next year, maybe. The swine.

Canadian tire money?

My next purchase will be a PVR equipped with a Dish Network receiver so I can record shows while not being present.

My next income tax refund will finance that purchase.



Oh, wait… I don’t have to pay for that! I got a hunnybunny, tee hee! No need to “buy”…

I want a alibi… oh shoot! That may be expensive!

Panasonic L500U LCD front projector. Hopefully in time to watch Superbowl in 120" high definition glory.

The house I live in. We should finalise the mortgage this week. Yay for most excellent parents who have helped us with this house.

The extended DVD of the Two Towers.

A Boxer Smurf I won on eBay.

Crisp apples from the new fall crop. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Macouns, Jonathans, Northern Spy. Pie, dumplings and sauce, great stuff.

Mmm…I had some crisp, juicy apples yesterday.

I look forward to buying lots of frilly things and perfume on my first trip in Paris at Christmas!

last week I would have said broadband internet service. But that was completed onm Thursday. :slight_smile: Now, I think a new computer is in order. Dell’s Outlet Store has what I think are excellent deals and is probably where I will buy one. other than that, I’m happy as can be.