What are you too old for (but you do it anyway)?

Inspired by this thread, what are you “too old” for, but you do it anyway? One of our things is top 40 music - our cd collection includes Gwen Stefani, Usher, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Pink, Outkast, k-os, (the Kelly Clarkson cd is my husband’s - I take no ownership of that one), etc. We listen to top 40 radio, and know most of the songs. We’re in our late thirties. :smiley:

Bungie jumping… i did it last year :stuck_out_tongue:

Bong hits and video games. At the same time.

Video games, amusement parks and some toys. I bought a cheap remote controlled airplane last weekend and flew it until I broke it. I had a great time.

I am 32.

Cartoons and Disney movies.

Mr Freeze popsicles.

Playing on the swings at the park.

Jumping into puddles/piles of leaves.

Building snowmen.

Walking up to my mom and saying “I need a hug”.

Sleeping with a teddy bear.

Wearing Supergirl PJs.

Throwing pennies into fountains to make a wish.

I could go on forever. Part of me got stuck somewhere around ten years old and that little girl will always be with me.

Coco Crispies.

Every once in awhile I have to have a bowl of Coco Crispies.
[Monty Python]
I’m 37. I’m not old!
[/Monty Python]

Late nights, loud music, sleeping on floors, drinking too much…

being in a band.

Hitting on college-age girls.


I’m too married for that. (But do it anyway! :wink: )

I’m 47 but I’ll still swing on a swingset (if it’s one of the solidly-built ones with the anchored poles and the canvas seats) at full throttle for 30-45 minutes a pop, if given the chance.

I wouldn’t turn down 2-3 hits of good acid or equivalent in mescaline, either.

Announcer - Tired of the singles bar scene…?
Homer Simpson - NEVER!!!

A couple of years ago I got my navel pierced.

The first words out of my mothers mouth were "Aren’t you getting a little too old for that kind of stuff?

So apparently, that would be it.

I’m 36.

Slushies. That’s about it. God, I really love them, though.

Ditto on the video games!! (I’m turning 44 next week.) Our family owns a PS2 mainly because I wanted one (although I used our kids to get Mr. Kiminy to approve the purchase). I also own my own GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, and Nintendo DS, with a wide variety of games to play on those systems. I’m trying to justify the purchase of a Nintendo GameCube now, though. (Gee, I want Pokemon XD, but our 11yo son would LOVE Mario games!!!)

I also have very long hair (female) that I usually wear in a ponytail. Apparently, I’m too old for that now. (I’ve considered cutting it, but I’m trying to decide if there is too much gray in it now to donate to Locks of Love.)

I like “clean” rap music. C&C Music Factory and early Will Smith, for example. (My 14yo daughter winces when I put one of those CD’s in, though.)

I LOVE Harry Potter. And GameBoy Pokemon. (My 14yo daughter also winces when I start a conversation with a strange kid about what version of Pokemon they are playing, and which Pokemon they have/use, or if I get into an in-depth conversation about HP VII with her best friend, who is also a Harry Potter freak.)

Thought of another one of Jim’s - light sabres. He has quite the collection. You might consider my love of all things sour slightly adolescent, also. (My mouth is watering just thinking of sour candy.)

I thought I was too old for amusement parks. I found out this summer I’m not. :smiley:

At 28 I’m pretty sure I’m far outside the intended demographic for shows on The-N and Discovery Kids, but what’s not to love about Degrassi the Next Generation, Instant Star and Strange Days at Blake Holesy?

My folks believe I’m too old for my PS2.

I’m too old for the really loud music in the car. I can’t help it - the music just sounds better with the volume turned up!

My love for all things gadgety… ipod, PDA, quirky cellphone, etc. Had I the money, I’d very likely be the owner of a variety of gadgets I don’t really need. My dad couldn’t understand why I had to buy a separate DVD player when my PS2 already plays DVDs.

Chocolate chip cookies after dinner.

Most importantly though, I’m too old to not yet have a plan. About the rest of my life.

I’m 32. And I am a big Disney theme park fan. I visit the local parks here, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, at least 4-5 times monthly with my $700-a-year Annual Passport.

Ditto everything, except Supergirl PJs. The last pair of PJs I owned had little devil cats all over them. The PJs themselves were pink. My housecoat is thick and fluffy, purple, and has a big purple turtle on it - though I call it a ladybug.

I also have many stuffed animals, and most of them have names.

I just got a new purse from the Puyallup Fair (where my husband and I enjoyed many rides together, laughing like little kids). The purse is a cream-coloured sheep with brown straps (spare **Hal Briston ** this one, just this once!). The purse matches my new fall wardrobe, how could I resist? :smiley: