What are you too old for (but you do it anyway)?

My collection of Breyer & Peter Stone model horses. I have about 450 “toy horses”, and still buy them when I can.

Zoos. I never miss an opportunity to go to a zoo !

GOOD animation. I have little tolerance for the cheaply done , flat looking things that pass as cartoons (Like SpongeBob) , but show me a beautifully drawn feature like Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, and you have my full attention.

Archie comics. I still buy them on occasion.

tattoos… beautiful flowers, butterflies and a hummingbird

open mind… and always remember… I was young once…

Playing in a rock band. Or as I call it, my mid-life crisis band. We just played a gig over the weekend and the place was jumpin’ - well over a hundred people in a bar that can handle about 80. Lots of dancing and singing a long - shots were had, MILF sitings abounded - you get the idea.

At the end, at about 2 in the morning, a good friend of mine and I were having a beer and looking back on the busy day. He turns to me and says “it must feel really good to know you rock.”

I was both flattered and embarrassed. On one hand, I completely understand what he means and he is right - it DOES feel good. On the other hand, being 42 and thinking “wow, I rock!” is an incredibly silly mental picture to have…

watching Saturday Night Live.

They’re all younger than me now. Sometimes I don’t even know who the host is, or who the musical guest is. I hardly ever think its funny, and I’m always too tired the next day.

I just can’t resist watching it though. I really love the “live” aspect of it. I think that’s why I like talk radio so much too.

My S.O. and I play with stuffed animals. They all have names and personalities, intricate relationships. My teddy bears have their own teddy bears. Some have S.O.'s for themselves.

Oh, and they’re all insane.

Tinkerbell. :slight_smile: I’m 32.

My younger sister refuses to be seen with me in public if I’m wearing one of my gazillion Tink t-shirts. She’ll conceed on the sweatshirt in the winter, but only because she bought it for me.

HA! Busted! You’re Stephen King (or Dave Barry). :smiley:

We go to the zoo all the time - I see tons of kids there, but I don’t think of the zoo as a kid’s place. It’s so much more than that, with their conservation focus and adult education classes and seminars and such.

Being completely hooked on The OC . . . and only partly because of Peter Gallagher (I’m 34). :smiley:

Exactly my first thought upon seeing the thread title. :slight_smile:

Another good one!

What - I can’t be Amy Tan? :smiley:

I haven’t seen the Rock Bottom Remainders, but I hear they have more fun than anything.

Action figures.

Comic books.


Running to get places 'cause walking is too slow.

Having chips and dip for dinner.

Reading about the latst hijinks of the latest teen starlets. (Why do I care about Lindsey Lohan and her feud with Hillary Duff? I don’t know.)

Shopping at Hot Topic. It’s cheesy goth crap for teenagers but I loooove cheesy goth crap. And they didn’t have stores like this when I was a teenager, dangit. I’m often the oldest person in there. (just don’t tell Urbanchic so I don’t lose all my fashion cred)

I lived nearly fulltime within an online fantasy game for 6 months (FFXI - MMORPG). There were literally millions of players from all over the world, including Japan, and I believe I was the only 48-year-old woman in the game. Btw, I made a damn good redmage. :wink:

Right on brother. Bong hits, games, RC toys

I’d still play with GI Joe toys if I had them. 32 y/o

Mountain biking
Motorcycling (especially 150+ horsepower sportbike riding)
Ice hockey
Roleplaying games (particularly Shadowrun, the cyberpunk/fantasy RPG)
Going to gaming conventions
Going to industrial clubs
Video games
Dressing like a 14-year-old skater punk
Hot Topic
Dabbling at playing guitar, bass and drums (hard rock/heavy metal style)
Chococat (from Sanrio, purveyor of Hello Kitty)
Harry Potter
Cool gadgets
Spiffy sportscars (I love the Lotus Elise though even I admit it’s too impractical to own)
The Three Investigators and Trixie Belden books
Living on fast food
Candy (especially M&M’s)

Okay, so maybe I’m not really too old for some of that stuff (I’m 40), but dammit, I refuse to grow up! I figure I can have the best of both worlds: the income and freedoms of an adult with the pastimes I didn’t get to pursue as a teenager. :slight_smile:

Coloring. Give me a box of Crayolas and a coloring book and I’m a happy camper.

I’m currently in the process of teaching my 12-YO daughter to listen to (and appreciate) good old Rock ‘n’ Roll :cool:

Ooh! Ooh! I do this, too! :smiley: I have a big container full of coloring books and crayons and markers at home, and I collect Crayola products. In fact, I have a stuffed crayon sitting on my bookshelf here at work: I just took this picture of it a few minutes ago, with my camera phone. :slight_smile:

Grease burgers. Grease coated onion rings. Taco Bell road kill tacos. I’m way too old (65) for grease burgers, grease coated onion rings and Taco Bell road kill but I can’t get enough of that stuff. My darling Marcie screams at me about cholesterol but if I could, I would eat grease fried in grease with a grease topping and a bowl of grease on the side. I don’t believe in cholesterol anyway.

I guess videogames but seeing as how my generation (32) is the first generation to grow up with videogames, there really isn’t a precedent to tell us when we should stop playing them.

I wear what I refer to as a baby suit to bed. Otherwise refered to as a romper suit or jump suit I think. Its red polar fleece with teddy bears, has a zip up the front with pockets, long sleeves and feet. I adore it. Most people though grow out of that phase quite early on in life I guess, it took me long enough to get a hold of one.

Too old for amusement parks? How can that be?

Now too sick for amusement parks, that I understand.

i guess I’ll add, eating spaghettio’s and Raviolios (acturally too sick for that too, but every once in a while it’s ok)