What are your favorite clothes?

I’ve noticed that many people have both a particular style, and a secret, burning desire to dress in a manner that their job/bank account/public image won’t allow. I’m a very long skirts and all black kind of girl… docs and army pants and tank tops. Occasionally fishnets and vinyl. Vaguely gothic. However, if I could, I think i’d spend my life trailing around in Pre-Raphaelite lacy Victorian stuff. I know people who’d wear chainmail most of the time, and people who’d wear superhero spandex.

So, what do you wear, and what would you wear if you had the chance? What’s the real you- business suits, Viking bearskins, kimonos?..

I know a lot of people consider it ugly, but I just adore 70’s clothes. I have this great t-shirt of my mom’s that embodies the 70s for me: a black fitted t-shirt that says “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” in big, sparkly, “The Wiz” type lettering. I can’t wear it, but hangs on my wall as a tribute.

I love bell-bottoms, crazy t-shirts, polyester blouses with huge lapels, huge floral prints, and all-white suits. I love Halston and Yves St. Laurent from that period. I love platform wedges, applique leather purses and jackets, and most of all, I love sideburns. I really love boys in bell bottom jeans and old, beat-up 70s t-shirts. I watch That 70’s Show for fashion inspiration.

I would dress entirely in this style if possible.

When I’m being casual I like jeans and t-shirts.
When I want to feel just a little bit on edge, a black shirt, swat team style cargo pants, either black or camo, and big black engineer boots.
When it’s time to go out and dance, vinyl pants and maybe a mesh shirt. or black spandex with flames on the sleeve (my favorite shirt).
Luckily, I have a job where I can dress pretty much how I like, so I do.

This thread reminds me of the little “The Outfit I’m Loving Now” column in Self magazine. I tend to get attached to certain articles of clothing, rather than certain “looks” (i.e., The 70s Look, although I have to say, Nacho4Sara, that because I grew up in the 70s and the women I first idolized–Charlie’s Angels, Cher, Pam Grier, my 1st grade best friend’s mom–all had that look, I still consider 70s style to be an absolutely stunning aesthetic). Hence I do a lot of laundry, to make sure my favorite items are always clean.

Right now I’m particularly attached to two tank tops: one a lovely lilac “wifebeater” that says “Kiss Me” in red letters, the other a lace-trimmed pink number that says “Angel” in an Old-Englishy-looking font. I pair them with either my denim patchwork skirt or my zebra-print polyester skirt with the ruffle trim, and don one of my zillion pairs of rubber flip flops (the pink ones are my favorites) or my red rubber wellies, depending upon if my toes are painted or not.

I’d say this is going to be my Summer Look for this year. :wink:

I wear a uniform every day for work. I have to.

Otherwise, when I’m home, I wear whatever I want, which is usually jeans and t-shirt or sweats.

Heh, I’m imagining Sarah with the Itty Bitty Titty Committee shirt. Heh.

cotton, jeans, t-shirt, dockers, sweatshirt and when I dress up is my “Good” Dockers and a 100% cotton shirt with buttons and a collar.

I prefer to wear nothin at all, except when I’m working with super-glue or solder. :eek:

I really like black.

I wear a lot of black as it is, but if I could, I would wear a whole variety of black suits - most with nehru collars. And my hair in a bun.

Sort of a Gattica thing I guess.

I am addicted to Lands’ End cotton sweaters. I have fours drawersful of them: long sleeved, short-sleeved, cardigans. They’re comfy and go great with a skirt or jeans (not that I have jeans), come in zillions of colors and can be dressed-up with pearls.

Hmm. Do I wear khakis and a tank top to the film criticism thing tonight, or shoulfd I cut loose and wear the 50’s silver taffeta dress with knee-high gray striped socks? Hmmm…

Bother. “Should” not “shoulfd”. Must remember to preview…

I love comfy - sweats in cooler weather, gym shorts and baggy T’s in warm weather. When I have to be presentable in public, I prefer soft, natural fabrics, loose, pants rather than skirts - again, comfort is the key. I like bright colors, but they don’t like me, so I’m usually in muted tones.

And when you come right down to it, if I could get away with it, I’d be a nudist. Of course, I’d have to be more diligent about shaving my legs then… So I guess I’ll stay dressed

Long shorts cut below the knees (even if these go out of style I’m not going to give a damn). Also short pants cut above the ankles. Ankle socks -white or grey. Long sleeve adidas shirts. Polarized sunglasses. I used to only wear hightops but can’t any more for some painful reason.

I’d like to go with a lot of variety - a lot of nice black custom-tailored suits with matching black fedoras and dark-coloured, but non-black ties - even in hot weather, I’ll wear them. Black or dark grey turtleneck sweaters and jeans. Long-sleeved Adidas-style shirts in the colours black, grey or dark blue. Leotards with long sleeves. Robes, al à Russian boyar before Peter the Great - with long sleeves and colourful designs. NASA-style jumpsuits (all those pockets, and I can find a use for each and every one of them).

Or go nakies, but I’m too self-conscious for that. Plus, I burn really, really easily and don’t look good unless I have a few yards of fabric draping my pale, flabby fram

I do the same thing. I can’t really dress in all 70s (because I’d look funny) so I have favorite 70s pieces that I mix with more modern stuff. Like a sleeveless shirt with the ugliest, loudest pattern for big poppies on it (just like my parent’s wallpaper waybackwhen) with flat-front, bootcut black pants. Or my 70’s bell-bottom Navy jeans with big patch pockets and a peace sign patch on the back with a plain black long-sleeve GAP t-shirt. I couldn’t wear head-to-toe without being scary, so I have several beautiful, well-kept 70s pieces. I also enjoy plaid old-man pants from that decade, as well.

I wasn’t even born in the 70’s, but the clothes are so fun.

DAVEWOO - the shirt would probably fit around my left thigh (my mom weighed 90 pounds back then), but it jazzes up my bedroom something fierce. If it did fit, it would be quite ironic, no?

i’m a fan of my jnco khakis. which are huge. just the way i like 'em. and just about any t-shirt. white ones, black ones, ones with logos, and so on.

if it’s a little bit chilly, i’ll wear a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt ont hat.

chilly chilly it’s my beat up hooded sweatshirt with thumbholes.

and in winter it’s my old army fatiuge jacket.

My favourite outfit is IMHO.

I would wear all vintage stuff-which I don’t own because I can’t afford it. I’d be Rose from Titanic one day, and Padme Amidala from Star Wars the next. And I’d dress in 1910s-1920 style dresses, like the ones the Russian grand duchesses wore, or cute flirty forties swing dresses.

I’d also wear a tiara. Tiaras are good.

And I’d carry a lightsaber. A REAL one. A purple one.

What I wear: I’m pretty conventional. I wear jeans and T-shirts (no messages on them). If I’m working, I have dress pants, dresses and skirts. My dresses & skirts tend to be kind of funky, though. I try to avoid the “Kindergarten Sunday School Teacher” look. Even when I’m working, I wear mule shoes and not pumps - unless it’s winter.

What I would wear if I had time, money, and a spine:

18th century gowns (see “Patriot” and “Last of the Mohicans”).

Hats - not ballcaps or fishing hats - but straw and felt hats beautifully trimmed with flowers, feathers, and ribbon.

I’d wear my pink midriff top with the puffed net sleeves. My mother made me buy it (she did!) with the reasoning that I should “enjoy my bod while I still had it.” (Yes, she said that!) I’ve worn it once… I need a skirt to wear with it. When I wear it with shorts it’s a bit too Elly-Mae Clampett.

I’d wear more dresses like Christian Dior’s “New Look” of the late 1940’s.

What I wear: jeans, t-shirts, the occasional dress or dress pants.

What I would wear:

–astronaut space suits–orange or white, even though usually I can’t stand orange in clothing

–Superman outfits, or variations thereon since I’m not the Man himself

–“Futuristic” outfits–fitted snazzy weird stuff

–Fancy old-fashioned ballgowns, like the ones in 1700’s or 1800’s period movies

–Trinity’s outfit from The Matrix

–Elvish outfits from The Lord of the Rings movie–Legolas’s outfit or Arwen & Galadriel’s white dresses. This is the one I want right now!!

Any of the above, as the mood takes me. Actually, I do have a few different styles of shirts and accessories that I use to modify what I do wear so that it reminds me of styles like the above. Now that I look at it, all the things I’ve listed have to do with future or past or imaginary styles…interesting.

Ooh, I wanna be an Elf right NOW!!! WITH the cool outfits! :slight_smile:

What I am wearing now:
-Something the baby hasn’t spit up on…yet.

What I would be wearing in a perfect, stain proof, world:
-Dangerous Liasons
-Emma Peel in the Avengers
-Brideshead Revisited
-a Vargas Girl
-scarlet, gold embroidered, silk cheong sam (sp?) “Dragon Lady dress”

I am a total clothes freak and could keep going. In fact, this happens to be a favorite mental game of mine when I’m doing laundry.