What Are Your "Player" Tricks?

I’ve always been fascinated by the modern-day Casanovas of our society who are able to go to clubs and get laid by a total stranger the same night or able to collect several phone numbers and get women to call them (instead of the other way around).

How do guys like you do this? What tricks do you use? And why do so many of you women fall for them?

My brothers, in their single days, were good at this sort of thing. One would just b-s about his background and use a lot of cockiness and humor. The other used specific lines; He said his #1 ice-breaker at clubs was, “You have a nice smile”.

Is “Player” the current term these days, by the way?

The current term is “playa”, if you must know. :wink:

I just stop and make the “whoah! hot chick!” face you usually try to hide, and tell her she has beautiful eyes. Works about half the time, gets a warm smile and a thank you the rest.

Now, I’m only half a player because I’m lazy, but I understand how the system works. You have to dress reasonably well, with a sense of personal style, not like a dress shirt or anything.

You have to practice flirting. Everytime you run into a woman somewhere, flirt with her. Older women, younger women(Not too young!), etc. Learn to give compliments to women you don’t know, start doing this by complimenting women at the places you frequent, like grocery stores etc., without asking them out. This is step one, player training.

Next you move to step two, running the numbers. Being a player isn’t about being attractive to every woman you meet, it’s about approaching more women so that more of the women who are attracted to you have the chance to go out with you. With your highly toned flirting muscles at the ready, begin asking women out. Everywhere you go, flirt with at least ten women (Numbers allowing) and try and get at least two numbers. Success comes slowly at first, but even if you only get two numbers a week, in three weeks that’s six women.

Basically, out of every ten numbers, 1-2 will progress into being sexual partners. That’s the essence of being a player.

FTR, a good player dates every attractive woman he can find, resulting in lots of wild sex with hot chicks. Me, I tend to be more selective, but the player skills are tuned, just in case :wink:

I think it could be a PUA too.

Check this out. I get a call from my buddy this past Monday, he says he just met this girl at the hardware store. He said that when he left, she went running after him! I said, “What did you say to her?”, “Nothing”, he says. He said she came running out telling him how hot he was and all that (I wouldn’t say he’s hot, ‘cuz I’m a guy, but he’s not bad looking, in a non-gay way, I guess. Not that there’s anything wrong with that). So they set something up Thursday, the day before they talked for about 2hrs on the phone. So they go out for dinner, they go to her place, watch a movie and BAM! SEX! At this point I cannot believe it. This just doesn’t happen to my small circle of friends. He’s very open about this kinda stuff too, so he’s not a bullshitter. Then I talked to him yesterday, "Watcha doin’ tonight?", he then boasts, “Having sex”. Well, thanks for putting that in my face. But anyway, I kept asking questions trying to figure out just how he did this. He claims he doesn’t know.

There must be something he’s doing right. I mean compared to someone like me who’s never had a girlfriend, this stuff is very noteworthy info I could use. And for the record, I’m not one of those guys who sees a gorgeous girl and stares. I may be hard pressed for words, but I’m definately not that guy who stares and insists on hitting on women over and over and then ask why when it doesn’t work. And I don’t go putting women on a pedestool to worship either. I’m basically socially indept and think too much about stupid trivial shit over and over, therefore things don’t come out right, and nothing gets done about it.

I can see it now, 10 posts into the future ,8 of them will containt the word “confidence”. shutter And how I should obtain it, by failing miserably over and over and how I’ll feel much better the more I fail. :rolleyes: The truth is, is that it is confidence. All the PUA’s have it. Not sure where they got it. Where can I buy this shit? I couldn’t sell my worth of confidence for pennies on half.com. Maybe these guys had a good upbringing. Maybe some got the shit beat out of them and made them stronger people. Whatever it is, I don’t have it. Well atleast on the social front. I do believe I have felt this so-called confidence when achieving goals outside my social life. Making music, playing sports, working on cars… WHY CAN’T I DO THIS SOCIALLY?? The only thing I can come up with is that, although I had to work at those things, it semmed to all came naturally to me. Social stuff doesn’t. I can now understand when someone doesn’t “get” computers, cars, or learning a different language. They don’t get it.

Ah well, another day.

Well, **jarbabyj ** posted this in a “how to perform cunninglingus” thread, but maybe it would help:

"First, you want to put on a shiny, green snakeskin suit. Go to a bar, find a lady you like, send her a white russian.

When she accepts it, give her the WINK AND THE GUN and send her your cellphone number on a napkin.

No doubt she’ll rush over, already wet with desire.

Put her in the back of your Iroc and turn up the Foghat on the radio.

Slowly slip off her crotchless panties and immediately jam three fingers inside of her… chicks like when you get RIGHT TO THE PENETRATION.

Piston in and out harshly for 45 seconds straight, no change in momentum, then scooch down, putting her feet on the dashboard and make your tongue real stiff and pointy.

DIVE IN. MORE PENETRATION! Now, just mash your half shaved, sharp face into the delicate skin of her…well…her hooha…and say “ooh baby, you’re sweet as candy”.

Then, give one cursory lick to that bump at the top of her f-hole and she’ll come instantly (it’s how chicks work…simple physiology)

Slap her on the ass and say “you’re a good gal, call me”

Let me know if this works "

I think the WINK AND THE GUN are the key :smiley:

Let it slip that you have just gotten engaged, or, if you are married, that you have sworn off adultery. After a few days, lusty, helpless women will begin to fall into your lap. I can’t explain it. Force yourself to resist a little.

I like that one. :slight_smile:

I’m not a player because i’m shy (however many women i meet online end up falling for me and a handful in person) but i know several both in person and online. There are a few pieces of advice they have.

  1. Women don’t know what women want. I have literally never met a man who did well with women who thought women gave good advice on meeting/picking up other women or that women made good decisions on issues like dating. Maybe this is because its true but i think the fact that most players i’ve met were burned badly and/or pick from certain types of women gives them a biased understanding of women. However there is a grain of truth to this statement. Also if a woman says to you ‘men can’t understand women’ i would ignore all/most advice from her, because on the macro scale women are totally predictable. I’m sure i’ll get a bunch of mean replies for that but its true. Women all have the same evolutionary history and share over 99.9% of their DNA, thats like saying ‘its impossible to know what a goldfish wants’. Once you understand evolution it all makes sense why women are ‘stupid’ and ‘golddiggers’.

  2. They just hit on endless women until one bites, they take tons of rejections before they find a biter. usually they find a woman who is either desperate for attention or whom they can fulfill a certain need in. Most of them don’t have the front/flash that 95% of women respond to on an evolutionary level (beauty, wealth, power, fame), so they do this instead.

  3. They aren’t wimps. they know ‘romantic movies’ are designed to show men as spineless and willing to jump through hoops because the woman is ‘so damn amazing’. Women have an inherit need to prove their own worth and they are highly responsive to what other women want (if you watch modern dating tv specials, they play on this by having women compete for a man). If a woman sees that other women like you then they will like you too (there was a post about this on SD about how if you show up at a club with a woman you do 20x better than if you show up alone. this is female conformity in action). I guess its based on the fact that women desire the ‘best’ sperm to give birth to a race of supermen. If women see you with other women they assume you must be valuable so they want you too. This is one of the reasons i don’t meet women, the way i figure it if i hit on a strange woman i have already ‘supplicated’ to her and shown her she is desirable. i approach from a stance of weakness. this is probably why hitting on strangers doesn’t work. What i NEED is a goddamn attractive woman too feel out strange women for me and drop good stories about me on my benefit. Casually them about the ‘fact’ that i have other women after me. It also helps if the woman helping you is more attractive than the woman you are hitting on.

Start checking ‘player websites’. These are the best


Also when talking to women, actually listen to them. Empathize with them. For example, when they say ‘im studying physics’ instead of responding by saying ‘im studying chemistry, lets go out’ ask them why they want to study physics. Actively listen to them and respond to them. Show you understand who/what they are and why they’ve made the decisions they’ve made and how they ended up being who they are now.

Its like in fight club when Tyler Durden says: When people think you’re dying, they really, really listen to you, instead of just…

Marla says: instead of just waiting for their turn to speak?

You have to actually listen to people, add each bit of info about them into your own personal file of who/what they are and react to them based on this info, not just wait for them to end a conversation and start up your own.

Confidence is only the first part of the equation. The next part is the magic.

Basically put , most guys are not attractive as in the female way, so women have to find something attractive about guys , other than beauty or the manly version of beauty. Other wise this program would have ended with EVE getting menopause.

So , not only do you have to have confidence, you also have to project it.

So unless your gonna meet some girl that tells you to shut up and kiss her, cause she understands that your not socially gifted ,but thats cool. Your gonna have to do it the hard way ,and fumble alot with your deliverys ,till you get it right or at least right enough.

If it helps , smile

Its always easier to tell the ones that you may have a chance with , from those that scowl back at you, never waste your delivery on a chick that won’t return it. As long as your being social and not creepy , most of them will recognize it , as just flirtatious.


Yup, this works too. its a mixture of women wanting what other women want and a desire to prove their worth/desirability (if i can get a man to cheat i must be amazing).

If you watch romantic movies many of them show a man jumping through hoops or making major changes because a woman is so valuable/amazing. Women have a need to prove their worth and desirability. Romantic movies which show a man making major lifestyle changes and trying to seduce a commited man play on the same principle of women wanting to be desirable.

If you want to use this to your advantage try to give her the impression that you are dating other women and/or that you are committed.

Pretending you’re gay has been shown to work too for some women (not you women who are reading this though, all other women do dumb stuff like that, not you guys :D). let the flames begin. I’ll be the first to admit this info is far from perfect but its alot closer than what you’ll get anywhere else.

It’s funny for me to give advice, but since I’m less socially inept than I used to be, and I managed to snag a fine woman who’s been my wife for a decade, plus I had the chance to watch a friend in action who has dated some amazingly beautiful and accomplished women, here are the few pointers I’ve picked up.

I’m afraid there’s nothing surprising about my conclusions: women want to be around a guy who’s amusing, who listens, who cares about her, who has money and is going someplace in his life.

All of these can be faked: by memorizing jokes from The Simpsons, by learning to shut up when she’s speaking, by adopting a glassy-eyed stare (much like a lizard sunning himself) when she’s speaking, by using credit and by lying about your resume. That’s how I did it.

From reading a few threads on this board by women, there’s another tactic players use that the rest of us guys do not: they make decisions. They are willing to take the lead. If they ask a woman out to dinner, they have a place to go in mind. They don’t say, “Oh, anywhere’s fine with me. Where do you want to go?”

This irritates women, for some reason.

That’s not to say you should be Neanderthal about it. It’s not necessarily a control issue (although for some it can be). It’s simple courtesy. Even more, it’s courting behavior. Suggest a place to go. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll say so, and you get to have the fun of negotiating (and she’ll learn something about you – that you’re willing to bend – and you’ll learn something about her taste in food).

Taking the lead also means standing up for what you believe in. If you feel she’s pushing too hard, push back (not physically, unless she’s trying to throw you off a cliff). Object politely. Argue your point. Don’t be obnoxious about it, but be firm.

This sort of give-and-take is vital in a relationship. You’re both establishing yourself in each others’ eyes, and you want to be seen as a fair, fun guy who’s willing to listen but believes in things, etc., etc., not as a wet noodle who mopes about the house in his shorts, drinking beer and moaning that he can’t get a girl.

And remember, if you’re not like that, you can fake it.

Because it sound like a test. Because if you pick somewhere too nice you are a golddigger nad if you pick somewhere too casual you are being insulting and if ypou pick somewhere too trendy you are pretentious and if you pick somewhere too plebian then you are gauche. Why do people of either gender lob this question over to the othe person? Because it’s easier to let someone else take the risk.

Because they really don’t have a preference.

I really have to cry foul here Wesley Clark

Maybe because women are a highly diverse group? I never believe anyone that claim to know what everyone like them wants. Heck, I have an even higher DNA match then that with my parents and my sister. That doesn’t mean that we all want/like the same things. Want to know something else? Women AND men all share the same DNA similarities. Go tell this one to the goldfish.

Wow, I’m left almost speechless by this bit of theory. :smack: Maybe in some alternate TV-reality world this is true. Remember TV, that land of makebelieve? If you are taking your dating advise from TV “reality” shows, I’d suggest some new role models.

For someone who later posted:

your first post was full of garbage.

I’d say stop looking at websites by “players”. I’d chalk most of these up to self-aggrandizing braggarts who want to make themselves look desirable/successful/cool…

how old are you chocolate? 20? 21?

I never said ‘all’ women are the same, just that the stereotype that men can’t understand women is false.

Yeah those websites are run by braggarts. So what? does that disqualify what they said?

You people make me sick.

That’s all you need to know.

No, no. This is all you need to know. Although, personally, I don’t think being a player is something to aspire to, as a good number of them don’t really care about women and only care about the ‘thrill of the chase.’

Look, it’s all very simple. Just use the best pickup line ever:

“Does this handkerchief smell like chloroform to you?”