What breed is this puppy?


Corgi or Corgi-mix?

Mixed, with at least one achondroplastic breed like a Corgi or Dachshund. I’d say Corgi because of the color and the coat, but of course mixed-breed dogs can come out looking any which way so it’s not a definite. :smiley:

“Pawple” :smack:

The face says Chow to me, I’d say Chow/Corgi or Chow/Daschund.

I’m also not convinced it’s a puppy.

I used to know some Chow / Basset crosses that looked just about like that, color coat and all.

We called them Chow Hounds.

I’m with you that I don’t think it’s a puppy. However, it doesn’t seem quite lean enough to be a Dachshund. I know that could be because of cross breading, but it still seems a bit meaty to be a Dachshund.