What can I do to win Homecoming King at my college (Need creativity!)

I was recently talked into running for homecoming king. Although I am not confident that I will win, Ill try anyways.
What would be effective ways to “campaign”?

I was thinking of getting shirts made, any ideas as to what should be on the shirts?

I was also thinking of fliers… what would be a good thing to get printed on them? I was also considering contacting a local bar and seeing if they would let me print a coupon on the back for a drink special they could get if they give me their vote… is this a good idea?

any other ideas are welcome! I need help! :slight_smile:

When I attended Ohio University (Hawvawrd on the Hocking), 1971 or so, there was this short, homely but kind of fun looking guy who ran for homecoming queen. Didn’t win but he did beat some of the young women.

Not much help right now but next year you might want to give this a shot. Unless you live in San Francisco, then they wouldn’t get the joke.

Is your quest to be Homecoming King as a separate entity from Homecoming Queen (ie your school has both a HC King and a HC Queen) or to be chosen as an alternative to a Homecoming Queen?

Make outrageous promises:
A new Pontiac for every classmate!
A free breast exam for every female who votes for you.
Volunteer your sperm to any couple with pregnancy priblems – oh hell, just give away vials of sperm.
Wear baggy pants with a huge codpiece under them. Get a photo taken with it, and pose pointing at your crotch, “Put the King to work for you”. Is your name Dick, by any chance? Peter? Willie?
Promise to impregnate the Queen, “however ugly she might be”.

Your T-shirts should have tuxedos drawn on them. I akways thought it would be classy.

Being HC King is a separate entity from the homecoming queen race…

Although there is a girl running, and I guess we are running together in a way, although not formally. I hope that makes sense

Make a connection to a worthy cause, preferably one that you have a personal connection to. Example - did your little brother get a kidney transplant? Use your campaign and victory to highlight the value of organ donor cards.

It could be effective either in terms of winning the contest, helping the cause, or both. And even if you don’t win you can feel good about yourself afterwards.

Kegger. Massive Kegger. Invite Everyone.

I can’t believe no one has suggested this yet…