What can I eat to make me feel better?

I’m not interested in losing weight or looking great or any of this low carb nonsense. I just want to have more energy, get more out of my sleep, and not have stomach aches and feel like crap all the time.

I think a big cause of all these things is my current diet, and I want to start correcting it.

I’ve been thinking about ordering some Dilberitos online, but they’re a tad expensive. What kind of foods would you guys recommend?

Here’s a list of the things I currently eat:


What are Dilberitos? As for Grease, Slop and Poop, I wouldn’t recommend the last one. Too little nutrient in it. Slop’s good. Grease gives you energy. Have you tried vomit? When fresh and warm, it’s full of vitamins.

You should see your doctor or a dietitian. they can give you specific advice based on things you probably don’t wan to reveal on a message board.

Or you can try this website I just found and know nothing about (but I think you should just go to your doctor):


only chocolate works for me

well Ok maybe a big bag of potato chips at a pinch :slight_smile:

Nothing earth-shattering to recommend here; just some things that work for me:

Fresh fruit (the sugar will give your system an immediate boost, plus the fibre and vitamins will help generally)

Dietary fibre - It sounds nerdy and anal (pun intended), but regular bowels do give you a general feeling of wellness. You don’t have to go to the extreme of eating huge bowls of pure bran; there’s plenty of fibre in really enjoyable things such as granary bread and flapjacks.

Vegetables, especially the highly-coloured ones like beetroot, peppers, tomatoes, carrots - the various things that make them brightly-coloured are really good for you and, along with other substances present (significantly antioxidants) can make you feel well.

Water (or fluids, at least) - again, no need to go overboard here, but mild dehydration will make you feel mildly lousy.

An alarm clock without a snooze function; jump out of bed when it goes off and have a wash; lying in bed dozing (I find) can set up a headache and general feeling of tiredness that can last all day.

Treat yourself; it isn’t all about self-denial, and a little reward here and there can be a real emotional boost (which in turn can make you feel physically better), but if you’re going to eat chocolate, eat the finest chocolate available to humanity and savour the experience.

Basically just expanding on what Mangetout said…

There’s no single miracle food you can eat and feel better. But there’s no great mystery, either. Lots of vegetables and fruits. (Beware of fruit juices, though - except for citrus juices, they are nutritionally about the same as soda. Eat the apple, don’t drink it.) Whole grain products. Lean protein, like skinless chicken. Fish. Eggs and nuts in reasonable amounts are good, too. When you’re thirsty, drink water - not soda, not coffee, water.

Low energy can come from eating too much sugary or starchy food without enough fiber - your body uses the energy quickly and leaves you feeling blah. Or, it could come from too much fat, which is hard to digest and makes you feel heavy and slow.

And finally, move a little every day. You don’t need to join a health club or buy fancy equipment, just strap on your shoes and go for a walk. You will feel more energetic, not less, I promise.

Wean yourself off of caffeine, & refined sugars such as candy, soda, & juice…

…check labels and avoid high fructose corn syrup…

…wean yourself off the white carbs (white potatoes, white rice, white bread)…and choose the things Mangetout suggested…

Find a good brand name multi vitamin because they help fill gaps in nutrition…

Don’t believe their is a simple product you can order to ‘fix’ you…

And the number one thing to increase energy is*…EXERCISE! * Exercise greatly boosts your moods and energy…and it releives stress, an immune system killer.

Mangetout goes into detail, but try to remember these simple rules.

(Yes, treat yourself here and there)

All the above is good advice, so I’ll just add…

Try and add variety to what you eat, and notice how you feel after different foods, you may notice what types of food make you sleepy and what wakes you up. Which foods leave you feeling a little sick, and which help carm your stomach.
I find light spicy food bucks me up, whilst hearty meaty food slows me down. If I really need to be on top form a spicy vegitarean thali (mixed vegitarian curries and breads) really helps but I wouldn’t recomend one if you don’t have a restroom easily available for the next few hours.

If how you are feeling effects your life a lot of the time (rather than is just an irratant) you may want to see a doctor/psychiatrist in case you are suffering from long term depression or thyroid problems or similar medical condition.

I agree with all of the above, especially the excercise advice! I was in a similar situation. I used to feel tired and lethargic all the time, always felt like crap. I also got sick a lot too.

Then I started excercising. I am in a karate class and go to it 3 times per week. I didn’t make any major changes to my diet other than almost totally eliminating carbonated soft drinks to my diet. What a difference it has made! Now I feel great, have lots of energy, and don’t get sick nearly so much.

I’m not saying that you have to have a workout regiment, but walking for 30 min 3 times per week would be a good start.

If you find self-help books to be at all inspiring, here is a good one:


Yum! Poop!

I just wanted to echo the drink water thing. I hate water because it makes me pee (usually I drink coffee only). But lately I have matched each cup of coffee with one glass of water, and I have felt noticeably better.
I also believe cutting back the sugar would be a good idea. (For you, that is, not for me.) :wink:

Put the lime in de coconut and eat all up, you put the lime in de coconut and call me de morning…

Chocolate & Popcorn both improve your moods.

Get more fiber, and exercise more to improve your health. If you don’t like eating high fiber foods (and popcorn has a fair amount) get a fiber drink mix and have a good large glassfull twice a day. I like “Coloncleanse” pills myself- they have several forms of fiber, and acidolpholous. Reall- GET MORE FIBER! Excercise!

Either eat less empty calroies and more veggies- or add a good multivite, some VitC and some B12 to your life. By a “good multivite” I mean one of those horse pills or something you need to take several of a day- usually available in healthfood stores- not a “One-a-day” :rolleyes: . If you’re a guy, try and find one that is “iron free”.

Note that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. You need calories, protiens (which have calories) a bit of fat, a good amount of fiber and vitamins & minerals. Whether your days supply of calories comes from white sugar or fresh fruit makes no difference. Except that fresh fruit also has some fiber and vitamins. This is good, but if you hate fruit, then you can get that fiber & vitamins elsewhere. Note that blueberries are just about the best fruit for your health out there. If you eat breakfast cereals- even the heavily sugared ones- just add some fiber and a handfull of blueberries and you’re OK. Note that I said “OK”, not “great”! :smiley:

Thus, if you love “junk food”- it is just a source of calories. No big deal. Just make sure that you don’t get too many calories from it, and get enough vitamins, minerals & fiber from supplements. Idealy, yes, your food should contain all that stuff for you. But if you won’t eat it, then what’s the point?

I find that the more colorful my food selections, the better I feel.

When you load up your plate for dinner, try to have at least 3 or 4 different colours of food on there. (FWIW - things like cotton candy and Mr. Freeze don’t count.)

This is really easy and childish, and perhaps rediculous to the dietophiles in the thread, but it works for me.

Let your finger nails grow long and you can dig out some really nice boogers. mmmmm. Very nutritious. Full of fibre. RDA of sodium.