What Cartoon Superhero This?: Zip Zam Zowee Am [Something]

Don’t know from what back crevice of my mind this fragment came, or what triggered it, but I saw or read a cartoon superhero as a kid who had this going-into-action phrase: Zip! Zam! Zowee Am! Kerspoosh! (or something like that).

I tried Googling it and got a couple hits but not useful ones; they all lead to this article which makes unreferenced unexplained use of it as a way of saying one of Ken Kesey’s books was comic-bookesque.

Ring any bells for anyone?

Don’t know which one you’re thinking of. but the sound effects remind me of the Hanna-Barnbera characters who were sort-of-Three Musketeers-like dogs, named Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey. This was also their cry going into battle:

Super Bwoing, of the Super 6.

Here’s a clip of him doing it.

Wow. Yeah, I have dusty memories of the cartoon itself now, after seeing that, but even less notion of what caused it to suddenly come to mind from out of nowhere yesterday.