What celebrity looked the best/worst tonight on millionaire?

I thought Cindy Williams looked the worse for wear. The poor girl looked like a giant squid has been sucking on her face for all these years.

Sheman Hensly didn’t look too spry either.

Florence Henderson seems to have weathered the years the best, but doesn’t she do a polident commercial?

I liked Melissa Gilbert though shes a pretty un.

IMHO, Sherman Helmsley (George Jefferson) hasn’t aged a bit. Neither has the guy from The Love Boat. Without the 'fro he looks rather dapper. Mrs. Brady doesn’t look like she’s changed much, but keep in mind I’ve been watching her from her Brady Bunch days, through her years plugging Wesson Oil®, and her brief stint on NBC.

Melissa Gilbert is fine.

I thought Batman looked pretty damned old (because he is pretty damned old). Valerie Bertinelli’s feathered hair just screamed 80’s. And Kim Fields (Tootie) looked terrible in those blond braids.

I thought Valerie Bertinelli looked great, as did Melissa Gilbert. Florence Henderson is still a pretty lady. Adam West looked a little worse for wear, as did Cindy Williams.

Did anyone hear Regis say Ted Lange as “lanj”? And Sherman Hemsley he pronounced “HeLmsley”. That man can’t read, I tell ya! He can’t pronounce half the questions right, either!
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