What cornmeal recipes would you buy?

I’m going to be unloading a ridiculous amount of cornmeal at a farmers market over the next few months, and rather than sell it plain, I want to actually make some money by stardew-Valley-ing it up into packaged dry mixes with recipes attached: just add liquids/fats and cook.

Which recipes would you be interested in buying or cooking?

I would find all of them interesting. If you could make them gluten free, I’d likely buy some.

I’ve made the Famous Dave’s cornbread a couple of times, but only noticed last time that the first ingredient listed is sugar. Corn is second. :frowning:

With this crazy year, I’m wondering when the Morels will hit and if I’ll find any.

Corn bread mix
Sliced morels (Lengthwise)
Egg for coating

Roll the long pieces of Morel in egg batter, then cornbread mix. Fry in butter.

Shredded cheese can be added to the cornbread mix. Like pepperjack.

Chimera, those sound amazing. Unless I can find morels (or regular shrooms) to go in them, it’s probably not enough to just sell the batter mix alone. I am so keeping that recipe for myself tho.

Seems the ‘mix and bake’ things are the most popular so far - I’m guessing frying or stove-top cooking is less inviting a prospect for packaged-mix things?

What I’d be most interested in would be something that’s common to multiple recipes. Like, if two recipes both start with “equal parts of cornmeal and wheat flour, plus a tablespoon of baking powder”, then I’d want to buy that mix of cornmeal, flour, and baking powder, with both recipes printed on the package. I like to have flexibility when I’m cooking.

What about polenta? I almost never make baked cornmeal anything, but make polenta frequently, for eating soft or cooling and frying.

I’d be interested in all of them, except for plain cornbread, which I’m happy with my current recipe.

I wouldn’t actually MAKE them. The Ukulele Lady don’t eat deep-fried, which would eliminate hush puppies, and we don’t do sweet breakfast, which would eliminate hoecakes.

Also, I don’t believe in mixing cornmeal with wheat flour, an insidious ploy of the carpetbaggers and scalawags.

You want a coarse meal for that, grits pretty much, not the finer stuff you’d use for cornbread.

@Chronos - That was actually a lot closer to my original idea but it was hard to find recipes that were easy and familiar and shared enough proportions to make it work out. I’m not a really experienced baker or cook myself, so I’m limited in how much I am familiar with.

I was thinking about a 60/40 or 70/30 split of flour and cornmeal with the baking powder/soda (I always forget which is which when I’m not looking at them) and put a few cornbread/muffins/shepherds-pie-crust/hushpuppy/chicken (or mushroom) breading recipes with that super basic mix. Would that be fancy or interesting enough for you to consider?

Yeah, the grits we’re grinding are ours: our precious! The mill isn’t calibrated correctly yet and our percentages are hella off, thus the needing to offload sooooo much cornmeal.

Polenta and grits are the best.

Where are you processing all this cornmeal and grits? The Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia?

I might put in an order for a couple hundred pounds. If I can’t get my family to eat cornbread and hush puppies, I’ll just give them away to all my neighbors in Brooklyn.

I am from the Deep South so I am all about that cornmeal. It may be my own bias showing but I think the biggest seller would be some type of spiced cornmeal mix (not sweet). That stuff is all kinds of awesome and there isn’t enough of it in the world IMO.

Hushpuppies are great too but they require some degree of skill, time and equipment to make properly. Anyone that wants to make them probably already has the resources to do it already.

Put me down for a ‘No’ on the various sweet options. They generally taste fine but it isn’t the best use of perfectly good cornmeal.

Spiced batters (like for catfish or tilapia) may be another good option.

The mill is in midstate South Carolina, the corn we use is a heritage cornmeal strain from down closer to the coast.

If you’re interested, we’d love to sell it. I don’t know if we have that much on hand right now, but we can certainly grind it and sell it to you if we know we have a customer! Send me a PM?

No I don’t. I use regular Jiffy brand cornmeal.

You don’t spice your own?

When I make skillet cornbread, I substitute “Slap Yo Mama” seasoning for the salt. S’great.

I’ll try it with my regular cornmeal (Indian Head white). Is this an ordinary thing?

You other grits eaters? You don’t use a coarser grind?

I use a coarse grind.

If is not too spicy I would like that and I can’t stand gluten free food . I like spicy food but I can’t eat it anymore. Now I want some cornbread and chili !

I’d buy hushpuppies. I like cornbread and ‘fancy cornbread’ (chipotle-cheddar and jalapeño cheddar), but I can make them easily at home. Why buy them? Hoecakes, Indian pudding, and scones sound interesting, and I wouldn’t turn them down; but there are other things at farmer’s markets I’d rather eat.

But hushpuppies, I’ve never attempted to make. (Stealth plea for a really good recipe.)