What counts as 'flat-chested'?

A young friend of mine is thinking about getting breast implants because her husband complains that she is flat-chested. This girl is about a 34B, which used to be considered the norm.

I used to be a moderator on a large messageboard which was frequented mostly by college-age men. I was rather shocked to hear some of their remarks about breast size and body contours. One guy described Drew Barrymore as having “no boobs at all.” Eh? Which Drew Barrymore was he looking at? The 5-year-old one in E.T.?

So, y’all, what is considered an adequate amount of chestworks these days?

(In case anyone wonders, I am a 38C, so I’m not asking out of personal anxiety.)

I’m probably the worst person in the world to offer an opinion as my first wife was a 32 AAA and my second wife was a 34 AA. Neither of them ever felt any need to augment, and I’ve never felt – umm – deprived.

So from my point of view, a 34B is more than ample.

And any husband who complains about his wife being flat-chested is a jerk.

If someone who had less than an A cup told me she wanted breast augmentation surgery, I would probably have to agree that it might be for the best, if for no other reason that her own self-esteem. I do, in fact, know a girl, now 20, who is less than an A, and even in college she was picked on an immense amount. Oddly enough, more from other girls than from the guys (at least to her face. She obviously wouldn’t know how much they might have made fun of her when she wasn’t around. But I do know that most of the guys I hung out with who knew her enver said anything.) If she told me she wanted bigger boobs, I would know why she wanted them and I wouldn’t try to dissaude her.

It would be nice if everyone could be completly, 100% happy with their God-given bodies, but it just ain’t gonna hapen. If bigger boobs will make a woman happy, ans she has researched it well, then she should by all means get them.

Oh, and the husband complains she is flat chested and wants her to get it? FUCK HIM! Fuck him in his ass with a piece of glass coated with nettles. Seriously, where does he get off telling her she needs bigger boobs? Maybe he’s a perfect man except for thast one aspect, but seriosly, your should should NOT get implants because her husband tells her she’s flat chested. Especially since a B cup is not flat, IMO. A B cup is a perfect handful.

Sure, sure. We’re going to need a cite on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be concerned about a woman considering breast augmentation just because her husband is a jerk of the highest order.

I agree. 34B is ‘perfect’. But 34A is nice, too.

I disagree. Self-esteem shouldn’t come from how you look, but from how you are. Besides, plenty of guys – myself included – prefer small-breasted women.

Anyway, I’m more likely to say ‘Look at the brains on her!’ than I am to say, ‘Look at those knockers!’

I’d recommend a new husband before an invasive surgical procedure to satisfy some neanderthal’s idea of adequate breast size, but that’s not what you asked.

I guess I’d consider AA to be nearly “flat-chested,” but 34B hardly comes close to qualifying. Abiding by the “2 click rule” (actually, it takes 3), there are some (non-sexual, but probably not work safe) images on this site of varying breast sizes and shapes. Breasts in the “B” range are far from “flat.” And per another site, to which I will not link because there isn’t a “safe” direct link (Google 34B breast size [without quotation marks] and follow the 2nd link if you want to find it), “According to statistics published in the Journal for Sex Research (vol. 24, pp. 177-183), almost 60% of women have the bra cup size of A or B (A-cup 15%, B-44%, C-28%, D-10%)”. Your friend sounds quite “normal” to me.

If she doesn’t need a bra for support she’s flat-chested.

However, for me, the issue is that her husband is being critical of her body. If big breasts are so important to him, why did he marry her? She should agree to get breast implants if he agrees to penile lengthening surgery.

And phooey on your friend for even considering it. Tell her to get a spine implant instead.

I also would recommend a new husband.

And, by coincidence, I happen to be available.

:: Whistles Not-So-Innocently ::

Strongly in the Camp of the Husband is an idiot if he was serious.

34B sounds fine anyway, But even if it was 34A husband would still be an idiot.

As far as attractiveness goes, it seems to me that shape is more important than size. In the gallery, I’m most attracted to the first photo on the left in 1) Women who have not been pregnant. The third photo (top row, on the right) in 2) Women who have been pregnant are about the ‘upper size-limit’ to what I find especially attractive. Farther down we have:

Yes, she’s very small. But (and I’m not a woman) it seems to me that she has a good point about not having to wear a bra. (While crabbing last week, Pard’s SO was complaining a bit because the rough boat ride hurt her breasts.) And she makes an excellent point when she says ‘my boyfriend who loves me the way that I am.’ She seems to be well-adjusted.

I’d rather my SO be able to converse intelligently, apply critical thinking, have and appreciate a sense of humour, have a sense of fun and adventure, etc. regardless of the size and shape of her breasts than to have a physically attractive (based on my tastes or the tastes of guys in general) one whom I don’t find intellectually stimulating.

As for the OP:

I think that it shouldn’t matter (though I’ve already stated my preferences).

Most people like to do too much of bench presses and flys. I really don’t think it’s that great unless you are a body builder. Too much stress on the shoulders when you hyper extend with a heavy weight. I think 3 sets of push-ups a day: 50-40-30 is plenty.

Oh… that kind of work…
In that case, not all B’s are created equal.

I wouldn’t cast the husband into the deepest pits of hell so quickly. If a woman is asking for advice then I think she’s probably considering it pretty seriously as well for her own reasons but wants to avoid the vanity stigma attached to all types of elective cosmetic surgery. Blaming the guy is often convenient and easy way of not having to explain the real reasons.

Don’t know this is the case here… just sayin’ is all.

True — probably the sexiest cleavage I’ve seen in a long time was Trachtenberg in the disco scene from Eurotrip — and it is unfortunate that smaller boobs aren’t celebrated as much. I can easily see why someone would want augmentation. And I must insist that how we look affects how people interact with us, so linking looks and self-worth is plenty reasonable.

But, for the OP, I can’t answer the question because I don’t know what different sizes look like on women. And what’s flat on one person may be buxom on another. I think it’s like being bald or not bald, really, in that there’s a huge gray area separating “flat” from “chesty.”

The funny thing is that I don’t think we can judge the husband based on what we know. If the woman I love asked me to have enhancement surgery, if the procedure had been around for decades and had been performed millions (?) of times, if it was known to be significantly effective, and if I had reason to think it was fairly safe, then I would seriously consider doing it. I don’t know if I would actually do it, but I would consider it. And I wouldn’t think she were evil for putting forth the idea.

I mean, if I could have some reliable cosmetic surgery to make my partner’s dreams come true, I can’t say that she’d be selfish for floating the idea.

(YMMV: I don’t know the risks associated w/ breast enhancement. Obviously, knowing that will affect my remarks.)

(bolding mine)

That doesn’t sound like the wife is soliciting advice. It sounds like he’s bitching about her looks, in which case, the deepest part of hell is not too shallow to cast him.

If a person’s affection depends on the size or shape of one or more body parts, to hell with them. If he would care for her more if she had a larger bosom, does that mean if she gets breast cancer and has to have one or more removed, he will cease to care? How is he going to feel about big ones that start to sag when she ages? Insist that she get more surgery to appeal to him more?

Natural boobs are always the best, regardless of size. Not that I’ll turn away a beautiful pair of implants, but in the long run it’s just not that important.

I think you do not have enough information to say that fairly. Haven’t you had myriad experiences where behavior is taken to imply wildly differing things based on who observed it? Hell, if I’m on a road trip with my dad and I ask the time, he thinks I’m suggesting we find a motel for the night. All you know is that the OP thinks that the wife thinks that the husband complains; hardly a case of being caught flagrante delicto.

I understand we’re getting this thirdhand, and I will be happy to revise my opinion when pinkfreud returns to update us. Until then, I have to operate on the info we have at hand, and as a rule, any husband who complains about his wife’s chest size enough that she thinks she needs to undergo major surgery is a shallow, petty, cruel jerk.

When in fact she simply isn’t picking up on the irony, because he actually loves them? It’s not like when a man says his wife is nagging him, we can conclude that she really is nagging him.

I didn’t mean to imply that my friend’s husband is urging her to get implants. The idea of having her breasts surgically enlarged was my friend’s idea, not her husband’s. The husband does make a lot of remarks about the disappointing size of her chest, though. He even does this in the presence of other people. I’m sure he views it as friendly joking. What a jerk.

One weird thing, though: this guy is crazy about Gwen Stefani, who isn’t exactly overstuffed in the northern regions.