What did the reporter ask Trump that elicited such derision?

Last night in Trump’s “press conference,” he was asked a question that he responded to with dripping contempt and mockery, referring to the questioner’s political correctness. What was the question, or how can I find a transcript?

Here’s an article:

I assume that any question other than “Why are you so smart and rich?” would elicit that kind of response from Trump.

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And handsome. Don’t forget, handsome.

ETA: You’re pretty, too, Colibri.

Having read the offending question, and the reaction, try to imagine Trump as president. Try to imagine him responding like an adult to any one of the hundreds of ridiculous questions, horrendous tragedies, or actual personal insults that a president will certainly face. Can’t do it? Me either.


I can imagine it. And that’s scary as shit.

It was a stupid fucking question. It’s on the same level as “won’t someone think of the children!” that should be mocked at every opportunity. If Trump literally said, “that’s a stupid fucking question, get the fuck out” I would think it to be a better response.

“Tell 'em that Grown Ups cuss at people who ask stupid questions, dumb ass!”

What was stupid about it? Trump’s audience is a class of people who think public cursing is a sign of the downfall of correct society.

Composure is certainly a quality that should be considered in a President. A big part of the President’s job is being the face of the nation. No matter what Trump’s opinions, we don’t want our figurehead to be someone that can’t speak like a civilized human being.

It’s not stupid that I don’t want my kid listening to the State of the Union lest she starts picking up barracks language. If the reporter was asking about Trump’s private speech, then it would be a stupid fucking question. But how he says things on the record isn’t.

Really? You can’t tell the difference between a debate for people running for one of the most important jobs on the planet and late-night cable? And I like late night cable, but everything in its place.

If I had the good fortune to get to ask him a question at a rally, I’d call him some stuff that would make his language look like Sesame Street. And then call him a coward if he told security to deal with me.

It was not a stupid question. He should get called for bringing the level of discourse down even further.

He has people for that.

It was stupid because it’s asking Trump to give generalized parenting advice, and it trots out children to try and make a point.

He could have given a more traditional trite answer, like,* 'I would tell those parents to explain to their children that we have to take this country back so they can have a better future!" He could have given a less mocking but still dismissive answer like, ‘Sometimes reality isn’t all sunshine and rainbows’*

I really highly doubt that Trump’s audience is a class of people who think public cursing is a sign of the downfall of correct society. Some of those people may overlap with Trump supporters, but if Trump told that reporter “fuck you and fuck off” I don’t think it would have a great impact on his level of support.

Better yet: “Fuck off, dickhead.” Brevity is the soul of wit.

To elaborate, if the question had been something along the lines of why he feels necessary to use profanity, or if profanity is in line with the stature and decorum of the office, or if he is comfortable with the degradation of the level of discourse that profanity entails, sure, those are fine questions. But once it’s framed in the ‘wont someone think of the children’ BS, mockery is called for in response.

I got to agree with Bone on this. Why should Trump be asked how to explain stuff to your children? Figure it out yourself and if you don’t like his potty mouth then don’t vote for him.

OK, now I understand your point better than I did the first time around. Thanks for going into more detail.

Trumps mockery wasn’t substantive. He just insulted the questioner. That doesn’t really get at the lameness of the inquiry does it? Doesn’t curb it. Won’t change it. At all.

Moreover, as noted upthread, Presidents have to deal with inane questions on a regular basis. They also have to know how to speak diplomatically, because they are the chief representative of the country.

Trump failed this particular Presidential test. Hey, this stuff isn’t easy. But Trump isn’t really trying. He’s just playing demagogue.

I don’t expect newscasters to speak like normal human beings when they are on the job. Or advertising narrators. Same for politicians. If a candidate can’t bother to adapt to these realities, it shows his fundamental lack of seriousness.

ETA: The question actually isn’t completely awful. I mean kids do watch Presidents. But it’s also a red herring, to the extent that it is highly emotive yet doesn’t really cover the problems of a President talking like a longshoreman while on stage.