What did you buy on Prime Day? (not strictly limited to Amazon)

Prime day on Amazon started 45 minutes ago and the web site is actually crashing a lot for me right now, which is incredibly rare.

I believe Ebay and Walmart are running sales as well.

What are the best deals you have found?

Seriously, I keep getting the “Sorry, something went wrong on our end” message at Amazon.com.

Yeah pretty weird that this bring Prime Day #4, and Amazon being a major player in the data and networking game, that they can’t get their site running.

I was in there at 3 PM checking out all the deals, and I added myself to the alert list for some things (mostly dog treats) but when I click through on the alert, the app and the site are down.

I feel bad for the doggies who have to keep apologizing for the server being down!

Who else is having sales? Best Buy is, I know that.

I’ve been stuck in the “See all the deals” loop all day.

I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but I wanted at least to see what was on sale. Oh, well.

If I see another one of their dogs …
Yeah, the site has been often fubar for me.

Several nice deals on things I don’t need or don’t want. That seems to be every Prime Day for me.

I managed to buy a couple of sports bras before it all want wonky. Got stuck in the “see the deals” loop and the sad puppy faces when I could get past that page.

The website hasn’t been working for me since I tried last about an hour ago.
Been getting this message all afternoon:

I managed to buy some Yak Chews for my dogs, and a game for my friend’s kid that I’d been waiting to come down in price. It wasn’t a Prime deal but it finally came down $5, and it’s for an August birthday so I win.

I was trying to do some investigating on the Yak Chews before I bought them and they “sold out” before I could add to my cart. Then I put myself on the “waitlist” for the chews and got notified by the app on my phone that I could buy them again.

If nothing else they DEFINITELY do a good job of creating false urgency. Suckers me in every time :slight_smile:

Walmart is having a sale today, and Target’s sale starts tomorrow (the 17th).

NM, misread.

Essential android phone for $250 which is 50% off.

They seem to be putting up coupons for non-prime people as well. I ordered a couple of things today that had 10percent or more off coupons. I dropped prime because my supposed 2 day shipping was a nice fantasy that only happened about half the time and there was rarely anything on the prime video worth watching and I was having to pay for anything I wanted to see anyway. Why give them a hundred bucks a year for imaginary benefits?

I got Tyranny for free through Twitch Prime, should be up for another couple of days I think.

I shopped at Amazon for a hard case for the school issued laptop we’ll be getting next month but I ended up going to Walmart instead, where I also bought my daughter three silly tee-shirts on clearance to tally it up to 35 bucks so we got free shipping. Not a bad deal! I couldn’t find a better deal on the cases at Amazon even with free shipping.

I’ve had no trouble clicking into amazon, but oddly, there’s nothing I want. Either I’m an extremely enlightened being, or I’m so self-indulgent on the other 364 days of the year that a special sale day isn’t a big deal. :wink:

I bought myself a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store this morning. Of course, I do that every week. (No point in waiting for someone else to do it.)

I’m going to go back to amazon and see if I can’t crank up my consumerism…

I’ve seen more dogs today than I ever want to again.

Honestly, I’m going to Walmart.com today. They are offering 2-day shipping, no prime membership needed, and are also slashing prices.

And their web site works!

I was in the endless loop when it started, but everything is working for me now (knock wood). I bought some sheets and saved $20, and plan on buying some vitamins later. Maybe some impulse-buy kitchen stuff if I can’t stop myself. :smiley:

ETA: I was very close to buying a Fire tablet, but I’m pretty deep into epub and don’t want to make the switch to mobi so I’m glad I talked myself out of it!

Not strictly limited to Amazon? Ok, I’ll bite.

Today (in Canada) I ordered a sleeping bag from Walmart. The sleeping bag was 20 bucks; the shipping was 11 bucks.

And I had to pay 13% tax on the whole shebang.

See why on-line shopping may not be as popular in Canada?

ETA: processing fee $5, shipping $5.99.

I work at Da Jungle so I bought a pair of shoes ------------ on eBay. Much better deal by far.

Just a $2 kindle version of The Gathering Storm by Winston Churchill.

Given that Amazon is run via Amazon Web Services, this hurts more than the retail side of the company.